She showed her belly like a baboon’s butt –

She showed her belly like a baboon’s butt –
She showed her belly like a baboon’s butt –

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Many women are looking for a recipe to get rid of a sagging belly. NOlga Menzelová has now brought a new method to maintain a great figure even after several children on Instagram. In addition to regular exercise, the widow of the late director Jiří Menzel rubs her belly with a brush every day!

At the age of 44, Olga Menzelová still looks fantastic, and not only in her face. Few people would know that she is a mother of three children. In short, the widow of Jiří Menzel has a great figure, which of course she owes to regular exercise. This is just part of her successful recipe for dealing with a sagging belly.

Belly like a baboon, laughs Olga

“He wants not only to strengthen it with exercises from the inside, but also to work on it outside. Thorough massages! First I do a deep massage with my hands, oil or cream and then comes the brush! And yes, you can see the red belly! I have him like a baboon’s ass!” Menzelová shared her unconventional recipe for a slim and firm figure on Instagram.

Although it may seem that the method is unpleasant, it is said that it is not. According to Menzelová, such a brush massage is fine. The skin will get blood flow, unnecessary fats are better absorbed and in short, it will look better after regular maintenance. And even! That’s what I always start with… alternating between hot and cold water and always ending with cold.” added the well-known producer.

Menzelová also gave her fans advice on which brush to use. If you’re expecting links to expensive gadgets, you’re wrong. “TOAmarádka Zdenička gave me a decent, almost scotch… But they say they use it to clean glasses in the pub. What a glass, it’s only a pain in the stomach,” laughed Menzel, who added one more essential piece of advice at the end: “Unfortunately, she needs it daily.”

She spent the summer in Bohemia

After the death of her husband Jiří Menzel, the film producer got together with Egyptologist Miroslav Bárta (52). She also spent the summer with him in Bohemia. “We are in the Czech Republic over the summer and we are enjoying it a lot after a long time. Before that, Mirek took me with him to the Egyptology conference in Granada, that was also very nice. Thanks to Mirko, I learned a lot about ancient Egypt that the lay public does not know. It’s a crazy interesting profession, our children love it too. We also often go to archaeological sites in Egypt. Mirek wants us to be with him,” she stated recently in an interview for

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