Unheeded warning for Tomicova! If only she had listened…

The separation of actress Pavla Tomicová (60) and Ondřej Malé (56) shook not only the world of show business, but also surprised all their loyal fans. The only ones who probably weren’t shocked were the actress’ friends. They warned Pavla about Ondřej several years ago, because they simply did not believe him. And they were right.

Ondrej Malý left Pavla Tomicová before Christmas this year. The actress then began to lose weight rapidly and everyone wondered how she managed to do it so quickly. But no one knew how much he was struggling. Now it has become clear that her husband ran away under the skirt of her younger co-star Kristýna Kociánová (37), with whom she is also expecting a child.

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If Tomic had once taken the advice of her friends, maybe she would have spared herself this year of pain. Her friends saw him in the movie Bonds, where he played member Antonín. He had psychopathic tendencies, behaved unpredictably and was generally weird. According to Pavla’s girlfriends, he played the role perhaps too well. “I wasn’t surprised by his role, but then my friends sent me text messages asking me to think about who I was living with, that you can’t just play this,” she confided with a laugh to the Blesk newspaper eight years ago. At the time, she probably only took it as a humorous story and never dreamed that her beloved husband would turn his back on her like that.

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