The Modrava police are returning to the screens. What awaits viewers in the last series?

The fourth and last series of the popular crime series Policie Modrava is starting on TV screens. Every Sunday evening for eight weeks, viewers can look forward to premiere episodes in which Jana Vinická’s team will solve complex cases. Fans can find out why the series is ending in a new documentary.

Criminalist Jana Vinická and her team are returning to the screens. Nova Television will present the premiere episodes of the last series of the successful series, which viewers will be able to watch every Sunday from 8:20 p.m., always a week earlier on Voyo.

In the very first episode, the detectives will deal with the case of the murder of their former colleague Luďek Švejda, who was hired by a prominent businessman to monitor his wife. Will Jana Vinická manage to find out who the murderer is? The audience can watch this already this evening.


What is behind the success of the Modrava Police? Watch the new documentary about director Soukup


​The final series has eight parts, and the Modrava police will solve more than one murder in it. It will also investigate, for example, the discovery of the body of a dead woman with her face etched with acid.

And for those who will find it hard to say goodbye to the series, there is a new documentary in which director Jaroslav Soukup reveals why the successful crime series is ending. In it, the audience will learn, for example, how the series was created, what troubles the actors had on the set and why the actress Soňa Norisová was given as an example to others.

Jaroslav Soukup’s Modrava Police: The new documentary brings the director’s open confession:

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