I’m Michael Jackson’s daughter and that’s how I grew up. Sexual abuse and alcohol, Paris described

Can you imagine if Michael Jackson was your father? His daughter Paris grew up on the Neverland ranch, and when she wanted to go out in public as a child, she had to tie a scarf or mask over her head. Ty Jackson put them on his children’s faces because he didn’t want the public to know what they looked like. They could then go play on the playground, but with security. Jackson would not normally leave his house because he would be immediately surrounded by fans and journalists. He practically did not know normal life.

For the first time, the public saw Paris properly only at her father’s funeral, where she even gave a speech as an eleven-year-old. Her mother is a nurse, Debbie Rowe, who gave up the children immediately after the birth in favor of Jackson. She herself claimed in interviews that she gave birth to children for Michael because she knew he wanted them. She did not see her children until his death.

After Jackson’s death, the children did not remain Debbie, but lived with the singer’s mother.

“When I lived with my father, we all had a plan and clear rules. We led a very healthy lifestyle. It was different at my grandmother’s place, there were no rules, we spent our childhood on lemonades and cakes,” revealed Paris in the documentary Unfiltered, saying that the grandmother was not ready for upbringing.

Eleven-year-old Paris gave a speech at the funeral.

Paris was bullied at school, she took the death of her beloved father extremely hard and at the age of fourteen she even experienced sexual harassment. She never revealed how far it went, but it must have been a stranger.

Then she started having problems with food, to which she also had a troubled psyche. She went to therapy as a teenager. Her mother fell ill with cancer, Paris reunited with her after her father’s death, and they eventually found their way to each other.

Paris Jackson is dedicated to singing, playing the guitar, modeling and acting.

“Already at thirteen I was doing a lot of things I shouldn’t have done,” hinted in the magazine Rolling Stone Paris, who also admitted that she also had problems with alcohol.

She is supposed to be out of those now, she has become a model, has a singing career and even dabbled in acting. Of all three Jackson children, he is in the spotlight the most and tries to inspire others with his story.

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