Top model Jana Tvrdkov for Expres: About dad, cancer and delayed wedding

The daughter of football boss Jaroslav Tvrdek (53) Jana (21) could not miss the 39th round of the Elite Model Look world final. As one of the girls, she broke through with the finalists in their big evening. But he was drinking unaccompanied, his fiance Ondej Kol (27) from Slavia was not by his side. would the wedding not take place in the end? The top model also spoke about her health.

The beautiful top model Jana Tvrdkov drank on a festive evening at Prague Castle accompanied by friends and other models. Her fiance, soccer goalkeeper Ondej Kol, did not accompany her, which raised many questions about how things are between them now.

After all, the wedding had to be postponed due to the health of his aunt Jaroslava Tvrdek. would it ultimately leave consequences for their love?

He couldn’t drink, but otherwise the wedding date at Mme’s. Let’s see if it works with the city. Let’s hope that the wedding can take place this year. Of course my father will lead me to the altar, she revealed sympathetically to Jan Expresa.

Satek had to leave because of his father’s cancer. How is his father’s health at the moment?

Jaroslav Tvrdk with the guy Trpiovsk

Ondej Kol and Jana Tvrdkov

At the moment, it’s rough. Probhag had him examined by himself to see if he was sick and if everything was fine. But I have to tell you that it’s going to get you down, added the top model with her left.

What do you think the world should look like? How do you manage a relationship with a partner when he has to travel a lot around the world? Find out in our video interview.

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