The new episode will do without real stars –

The new episode will do without real stars –
The new episode will do without real stars –

The special series of the culinary show VIP Prostřeno lured in famous celebrities, but instead, disappointment awaits the viewers. Only two well-known personalities appear in the show, which they can recognize at first sight. They are Andrea Pomeje and Petr Vojnar. With Štěpánka Decastelo, Dominika Mesarošová and the practically unknown presenter Sonia Edde, even the biggest lovers of buvara will be groping.

Well, this didn’t work. The stars of Czech show business should show their skills in the VIP Prostren, and in the past this was indeed the case. For example, it was possible to rope into the show in previous years Agata HanychováVeronika Žilková, Alicia Bendová, Daniela Šinkorová, Ivan Vyskočil, Svetlana Nálepková, Petra Černocká, Dáda Patrasová, Felix Slováček, Anička Slováčková or Pavel Vítek with Janis Sidovský.

And we could go on like this. But the latest installment will offer only two personalities that can be considered real celebrities. They are Petr Vojnar and Andrea Pomeje.

Vojnar became famous as the former frontman of the boy band T-boyz and people remember him mainly because of the mega-hit Ladybug. In recent months, he has also been written about in connection with Lucía Vondráčková, with whom he dated for approximately half a year, and at the beginning of this year we were the first to report on their breakup. The singer’s name was also pronounced together with Dominika Gottová, with whom he collaborated on her recited ballad, which she dedicated to her late father Karl Gott.

In the same way, Andrea Pomeje became famous mainly in the past, because she married Jiří Pomeje. But the sexy DJ is making herself known even now, either with her concerts or with her exhibition figure, which she flaunts on Instagram. Interviews with her often appear in the media as well. Together with Vojnar, he belongs to VIP Prostřen. However, the same cannot be said about the rest of the ensemble.

Long forgotten celebrities

Dominika Mesarošová became “famous” years ago as a playmate, but that’s all she became famous for. In addition, she retired from show business a few years ago and has not been active in the media at all in recent years. But if we close both eyes and ignore the fact that Dominika has long since been forgotten, perhaps we will recognize that her participation is justified. However, there is one catch. Mesarošová had already been to VIP Prostřen, exactly ten years ago. So maybe they don’t bet on the same menu as back then.

With regard to the constellation of celebrities who have already passed through the VIP Prostřen, it is obvious that the audience will be scratching their heads about Štěpánek Decastelo. She got into show business only because she is the ex-wife of René Decastelo, who started dating Eva Decastelo after her. And it was Eva who started taking her to VIP events and tried to make Štěpánka a celebrity. Although once upon a time she hosted the show Intim Night, their efforts did not meet with success, and Štěpánka is really known only by the biggest connoisseurs of the boulevard.

The participation of Sonia Edde can then appear as a complete flight. The presenter became famous for hosting the pseudo-news show Totally Moronic News, which aired on Prima Cool in prime time. However, unlike Štěpánka, Sonia has the advantage that she is also a presenter on Kiss radio, so she definitely has her fan base.

The question remains whether they include Prostřen viewers who in previous years indulged in invitations to the kitchens of their favorite actors and singers and will now have to make do with a former singer, a sexy DJ, the first wife of the almost ex-husband of a well-known presenter, a former playmate who has been avoiding show business for years, and an unknown presenter who they probably haven’t heard of until now.

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