We’ve been waiting! Starting tonight, Blanka and…

It took a long time and many of us didn’t even believe it, but it was done! Evžen Blanca admits that he missed a lot in Australia and rekindles their love with a single kiss. Jakub would certainly welcome a similarly romantic gesture. However, he prepares a very rough surprise for Karla…

Evžen and Blanka will put it together again

Blanka is a bit sad after yesterday. When Evzhen returned, it was of course a reason to be happy, but… she kind of hoped that he had flown from Australia mainly because of her. When it didn’t happen, he doesn’t know what to think. And she certainly has no idea what to expect when Evžen suddenly appears at the door of her apartment today. She watches him warily as he walks in with the words she’s longed to hear for so long – I missed you. They finally pounce on each other in the long denied kiss! He ends up naked in the bedroom, but then Kristýna appears at home, having forgotten her wallet. The clothes scattered wildly on the ground tell her that she should disappear again as quickly as possible.

In the afternoon, Evžen stops by Pešk’s to surprise them with his sudden arrival. But in vain, they already knew about everything from Adriana! Blanka excitedly announces to Kristýna and Adam that she and Evžen are together again. Adam later shares the happy news with Luďek and Vanda, who understandably don’t look so happy anymore.

Chestnut gives massages and delays Iva

Kaštan makes an appointment with Ivy for another massage, but it doesn’t really help him much. She still describes strange pains, the cause of which the experienced masseuse cannot explain. It really is a mystery. That Mr. Kaštan would simulate and only use her goodies?

At the same time, he would like to come again tomorrow, but Iva, slightly annoyed, informs him that she is hopelessly full and because of that she won’t even have time to eat lunch. So they will make arrangements for the next day. According to Vítek, Iva should reject Kaštana once and for all. The persistent hypochondriac finally sends a message that night, simply telling Iva that he will stop by the salon tomorrow, despite her disapproval.

Kaštan ludí more massages, Source: TV Nova

Young Klím’s calves are on fire

Anežka, Svatka and Žofka have a party at the Klím family after Vítek and Iva go to the theater in the evening. The girls do not hesitate to open the red wine that Žofka brought, but a minor accident occurs and she is the one who spills the red liquid on her pants. When they are trying to clean up the stain in the bathroom, Michal joins them and starts staring uncovered at Žofča’s scantily clad ass.

Jakub blackmails Karla with a suicide attempt

Persuasion, sweet words and gifts didn’t help, so Jakub decides on the last resort. To finally impress Karla, he decides to threaten her with suicide. He shoots and sends her a video from some tall building where he is obviously about to jump. Karla has no idea what to do. She plays the video to Jirko and confides in him about everything that Jakub has done to her in the last few days – including the fact that, blinded by passion, he basically assaulted her. Jirka will quickly clarify the matter. According to him, Jakub is just a capable manipulator who is playing a show. Karla should put the video out of her head and, above all, not do anything herself. Nevertheless, the urge finally overcomes her and she unblocks Jakub’s phone number. However, as soon as he calls her, she quickly blocks him again.

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