That’s a goal! Hanychova’s unexpected inheritance from Soukup’s lover

Women come and go, but the scenes stay. The editors of did not miss the fact that Jaromír Soukup’s Agáta was on the show the same lamp is featured as in Katka Brožová’s Exclusivewhich Agáta probably doesn’t know, because otherwise the lamp would probably end up in the garbage.

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It’s no secret that these ladies don’t have much to do, which Brožová had to prove by refusing to appear in the show where she was supposed to appear alongside Veronika Žilková (60). “The reason is for private and professional reasons,” she commented at the time on leaving the musical Okno mé lásky.

That was enough even for Hanychová and her reaction did not take long. “Today I read on the headlines that Kateřina Brožová, whom I have never seen in my life and I only know that she played in Pojišťovna štice when I was about five, took me in her mouth, that she left the musical because of me,” she relieved herself on Instagram. Besides, they will probably never be girlfriends…

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The article is in Czech

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