Fashion police from Prague Fashion Week –

Fashion police from Prague Fashion Week –
Fashion police from Prague Fashion Week –

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Mystic Skatepark Štvanice has been really lively for the last few days. The next edition of the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week is taking place, which celebrities, influencers and classic fashion lovers cannot miss. How did they dress at the event, where the editorial team was also present? You can see it in the gallery!

Prague Fashion Week is one of the few events when several stylishly dressed people gather in one place in the capital. Even so, you can tell from some that they will put on the most extravagant things just so that the photographers present will take their picture and they will appear on the pages of fashion magazines in the “best dressed personalities” section. However, such a designation is often miles away from reality.

On the contrary, many use their creativity to really show what’s inside them through clothing. On the contrary, there were many who, despite the efforts of stylists, are simply still fumbling. You can see both variants in the gallery!

Cycling set by Radka Třeštíková

The writer Radka Třeštíková once again showed that fashion is not her strongest point. Just like at this year’s International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, when she literally wore a kitchen tablecloth and a swimsuit top, she didn’t score any points at fashion week either.

She was wearing black tights, reminiscent of a cycling outfit, which she complemented with a black clutch bag and black heeled sandals. She pulled her hair into a bun and put on bold lipstick. If she had chosen more colorful accessories, or thrown a jacket or jacket over the ensemble, she would definitely have done better and would have raised the outfit to a whole new level.

Black Swan Newcomer

Model Jitka Nováčková arrived at one of the shows in a black mini dress, with a long fur (fake fur, editor’s note) coat in the same color by designer Tomáš Němek and with black pumps with a gold buckle. The dress made her long legs stand out and she looked really great.

A powerful trio

She wasn’t missing either moderator Iva Kubelková with daughter Natália Jirásková and her partner Adam Mišík. Kubelková looked like a sexy teacher, wearing glasses and a black pantsuit that hugged her figure nicely, and thanks to the plunging neckline, her lacy bra peeked out. She completed the outfit with a Pinko handbag and black pumps.

Natálie wore a tight light ensemble studded with rhinestones, over which she put a black jacket, thanks to which she matched both her partner Mišík and her mother Iva. She also wore beige heeled sandals with gold detailing and a Pinko handbag. In the model, she looked slightly like the influencer Kim Kardashian, who likes to show off her feminine curves in tight models.

You can see other fashion creations in the gallery!

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