The cowardly Stepanek will use Karla as…

Tuesday’s episode of The Street will be dramatic and touching at the same time. The psychologically exhausted Štěpánek will take care of the tension, to whom Karla makes excuses for suicide. In the end, Jakub behaves like a complete coward. Lexik’s birthday is coming up. She prepares the invitations for the celebration and doesn’t forget about her mother either. It will be a powerful moment.

Iva is going to Kaštan and receives important advice and instructions from Vítek. He is thoroughly disgusted by his behavior and considers it to be clear harassment. Iva is waiting for Kaštan again in the massage parlor, even though they had arranged for the next day. However, he could not be beaten. Kaštan complains of pain again, and even suspects a ruptured spleen.

Iva can’t stand it, lets him get dressed without a massage and takes him to the hospital. She wants to make sure he’s okay so she can make arguments against him that will hopefully finally give her and her family some peace. Eventually they find him with a herniated disc. Therefore, Iva continues to have remorse. However, Vítek assures her that Iva did not do this to him. In the evening, Kaštan knocks on the door of their apartment again.

Karla didn’t even soften up to Štěpánk’s second attempt, when he sent her a video and blackmailed her that if she didn’t come to see him, she might regret it. And so he records another one, this time from the roof of the house. He is firm in his statements and is open about what he is going to do.

He shows Karl where to jump and where to find him if he doesn’t arrive by a certain time. Karla is so frightened by the video that she immediately goes after him. She shouts at Jakub from downstairs, then runs up the stairs and calls Jirko Herman to come after her immediately. On the roof, he cautiously approaches Jakub, while trying to communicate with him. He gives him certain guarantees. Štěpánek climbs down from the edge of the roof and Jirka Herman runs up with a gun in her hand and aims it at Jakub. He grabs Karla around the neck like his shield. How will this heated situation turn out?

Anežka’s classmates are enthusiastic about the breakfast prepared and the service provided by Iva. But until the moment when Iva asks them what the girls enjoyed on their girls’ night out. They all begin to exchange glances and Anežka blurts out vague answers to her mother. Iva wonders what they used so many lemons for.

Surprisingly, Michal saves them, but he doesn’t want anything for free. And in addition to Anežka, he now has two more victims in his hand. This time, however, Michal turns around and wants nothing for his silence. But you don’t want to believe it. What is Michal up to? That Anežka’s brother would look at Žofka, who was half-dressed cleaning her fateful pants in the bathroom?

Lexic celebrates its birthday, Source: TV Nova

Lexík’s birthday is coming up, so he and Lumir agree to organize a celebration. Lexík wanted to invite his friends, but because his birthday is before the weekend, they refused him. Lumír suggests that they hold the party a day earlier, and Alex is very happy about it. Lumir is also excited.

Ingrid is helping Lexík with the invitations and suddenly Alex asks her how to spell “MOM”. He also wants to invite her. It’s an unexpected and powerful moment that makes Ingrid cry…

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