Why did Gottov give up her father’s inheritance? The fight for millions was started by sister Lucia!

Why did Gottov give up her father’s inheritance? The fight for millions was started by sister Lucia!
Why did Gottov give up her father’s inheritance? The fight for millions was started by sister Lucia!

According to two well-informed sources of Expres, Dominika Gottov recently moved out of the social apartment, where she lives.

The house is undergoing renovation. She could have stayed there, but she liked to find another place to live, and then go around again, informed us the hunter, who is very close to Dominic.

According to Gott, the new apartment is a full salary on her own, and in the evenings in Helsinki, a luxurious restaurant with an unnamed friend. Underneath somewhere, but work under it, said one of the Express sources.

The question is where Dominika Gottov gets her pension. Not long ago, she voluntarily gave up the fight for her father’s millions.

I decided, I’m not going to eat it! Those who wanted to repeat themselves, did so. I think she would be surprised Gottov sent a message to the server Aha!

Considering that Gottov is now enjoying a high status in Finland, people began to speculate that Dominika had received an unspecified amount from Ivana’s stepmother, which she was supposed to cheat. However, one of the sources of Express refuted this.

Dominika did not receive a pension from Ivana. I can’t afford to spend on expensive food and the like, because every month I get about 1,600 euros in state support and the apartment is already a big 600 square meters. So there will be a lot of money left to get rid of, he turned into a valuable informant.

The fight for millions was to be started by sister Lucia

But why did Dominika give up the fight for inheritance after her father so quickly? It is necessary to move a few months back, when Karel Gott’s eldest daughter was born full, and millions after the famous father to fight. Behind us was the very young Sister Lucia!

Dominika thought that her young sister Lucie, who, like her, had signed an equality contract years ago and received six million crowns from her father, was included in the inheritance. For that reason, Dominika drank cheated. She didn’t know why Lucie should do it and she didn’t. However, she soon learned from her parents that this was wrong information and that Lucie does not figure in the hereditary woman, the Expres source explained.

According to our information, the wives of Karl Gott’s grandfather were his wife Ivana and underage daughters Charlotte and Nelly. There was thus speculation about a mysterious group of people who were supposed to be Zpvk’s best friend Hanka.

We contacted Dominika Gottová about her legacy and her current life in Helsinki. But she didn’t pick up the phone and didn’t answer the phone number until the end of the day.

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