Michal David’s archival treasure: He has hair, Iveta with her hair and Zagor’s mole with Margita

Rep. Michal David (62) showed off an archive photo, but he wanted to remember his friend Hana Zagorová (75). Not only did the team honor the deceased singer, but they also showed a real treasure from 1997, when Iveta Bartoov (48) rode alongside Ladislav Taidl (75) and Blanka Matragi (69) was not one big sculpture. Where did this build come from?

Commander Michal David wanted to honor the memory of Commander Hana Zagorov, who died a week ago, with a commemorative photo. He revealed a stupid archival treasure of extraordinary proportions, we can find side by side celebrities who have separated life paths and tragic fates.

In the photo, I am a twenty-five-year-old musician with hair that almost no one remembers from Michal David, and as an accessory I have the hit of the time, the big glasses. The picture shows designer Blanka Matragi, who doesn’t look much like her today, and Iveta Bartoov next to Ladislav taidlo, who is holding her hand.

A memorable photo published by Michal David.

It looks like a bunch of sleepy people who have bird-like relationships with each other and move around, considering how their nails are faked, during the night.

According to Michal David, it really was.

It’s a terrible day and it was, the photo was taken at the wedding of Katka Broov, when she married Zdek Toman. It was a great time, we had a lot of fun, ekl Expressu Michal David.

Actress Kateina Broov at the wedding with Zdek Toman

Bohuel Iveta Bartoov, Ladislav Taidl and Hana Zagorov are not among them. But this memory brought a nostalgic smile to my lips, and Michal David has a decidedly unique memory, even considering the fact that such a group as, for example, Blanka Matragi next to Ladislav Taidl, would have been especially popular.

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