Tereza Ramba was after the casting…

Tereza Ramba was after the casting…
Tereza Ramba was after the casting…

The prequel to the film General School premiered in 2017. The human story from the Protectorate period was anticipated by both audiences and critics. Jan Svěrák was a little afraid to entrust the role to such a young actress, but he couldn’t find a better one.

One of the most discussed roles was played by Tereza Ramba (formerly Voříšková), who took on the character of Eda’s mother, whose role was a reflection of her childhood Zdenek Svěrak. Tereza passed the casting successfully, but there were many reservations about her participation in the filming. Director Jan Svěrák wanted a younger version of Libuš Šafránková (from the movie Municipal School). He even came up with the idea that Libuše Šafránková should read the script so that Tereza could feel better in the role. Of course, Šafránková herself talked him out of it. In the end, Tereza asserted that she would play the role for herself.

He didn’t even want her in the movie as his wife Ondřej Vetchý. In 2014, he shot a film with her Pinchers and played her father. He couldn’t imagine that she should suddenly be his wife.

Tereza didn’t have it easy, but during the two-month preparation she tried her best to establish a friendly relationship with Alois Grecwho portrayed a seven-year-old son Ed. It must have been a real friendly relationship, because according to Tereza, the representative of Eda was a very strange boy who didn’t even like to cuddle with his own mother and was more of a loner.

She had to gain a little weight for the role to appear as a kind-hearted and kind mother. Ondřej Vetchý, on the other hand, had to lose a few kilos. The make-up artists also shaved the corners of his head and cut his hair. Jan Svěrák also wanted a smaller statue of him, but the actor refused.

Although the film did not achieve fame General schoolswhich received an Oscar nomination, but the audience liked the story of a young family that was forced to move from Prague to a quieter countryside.

The film will be rerun September 6 on CT1 in the evening, so you can move to another time for a while and follow the adventures of little Eda, who has to get used to a completely different life in the countryside, find new friends and build respect among his peers. You will also watch the complex relationships in the family with a child’s eyes and the boy’s effort to understand them with a child’s naivety and sincerity.

Movie locations

After a number of films, film locations remained, which became destinations for tourist expeditions. That didn’t happen with this movie. House of Součkovy it does not stand in an idyllic rural setting. The sets of the house were built in the village of Nové Sady, where the front gable of the house was and all the exteriors of the house were filmed there. The sets disappeared from the place in 2017. The interiors were filmed in Slavonice, where there was a view of the cemetery. The beginning of the film taking place in Prague took place in Elektrárenská Street, where some scenes for the film Obecná škola were filmed.

Jan Tříska’s last role

The film also featured Jan Tříska in his last film role, who died in autumn 2017 after an unfortunate fall from the Charles Bridge at the age of 80. He played the role of Ed’s grandfather.

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