The trendiest hairstyles fall 2022? A short mikada to the chin

Hair cut in a straight mikada below the ears or at chin level… Just hair like a French woman! Although it may be a cliché, it does not change the fact that this hairstyle gives the wearer elegance and chic style. In addition, it emphasizes facial features and lengthens the neck. Who can afford such a mikado and who can be inspired by?

French bob

It would be hard to say that the mikada is a new trend. It experienced its golden age already in the 20s, when it was growing in popularity. Just remember the scenes from The Great Gatsby movie, which takes place in this very decade. A short mikado complete with bangs is playful, sassy, ​​but sophisticated at the same time. And to achieve a contemporary trendy look, the bangs should be a little longer, as if overgrown, and parted in the middle. There should also be loose waves and volume.

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How to choose and edit a mikado

The good news is that the mikado can suit everyone, depending on the length and styling. The hairstyle will get a different touch if you iron and part the hair footpath in the middle, or maybe throw them to the side and fluff them here and there. It’s all about choosing the treatment that best complements your features and overall style.

And the basic guide for choosing a suitable mikad? Contrast. If your face has more delicate features, then you don’t have to worry about a straight and sleek mikado. If you have a more angular jaw and sharper cut features, choose a slightly longer mikado under the chin and a cropped bangs – curtain bangs.

Fine and curly hair is handy to have a little cut, thanks to which the treatment will not take so much time and the hairstyle will look good in any situation. If you struggle with frizzy hair and loss of volume, it should become your indispensable friend texturizing spray or dry shampoo. A few sprays and you have sloppy hair – exactly “like a French woman”.

Naomi Watts (53)

blonde actress, Nicole Kidman’s best friend (55), has been loyal to the Mikado for some time. She wears it woolen, to the side or even blown out with a part in the middle. It must be added that this styling makes her very young. In addition, a few days ago she decided to cut her hair even shorter, as her hairdresser revealed on Instagram. And it looks perfect!


Naomi Watts most often wears her hair parted in the middle Photo:

Lucy Boynton (28)

Actress known primarily for the film Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) wears the mikado continuously. Once with bangs, once without. She enjoys both elegant styling with smooth waves and blow-out hair.


Once bangs, once a hem or part in the middle. Lucy Boynton likes to play with the mikad and use its diverse styling possibilitiesPhoto:

Taylor LaShae (34)

Inspired by the famous French fashion influencers we couldn’t miss it. Her hair cut and sloppy styling are really gorgeous.


Taylor LaShae also masters simple mikado transformations for different occasionsPhoto:

Kaia Gerber (21)

Model, daughter of the famous Cindy Crawford (56), she wore such a mikado two years ago, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s still in. Straight or slightly wavy – both look divine.


This is how it suited Kaia Gerber some time ago. Today, she wears her hair a little differently, but she still inspiresPhoto:

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