Meghan Markle spoke at a summit in Britain

Among other things, the American actress told young leaders to help bring about positive and necessary changes in the world. With her daughter-in-law Meghan, she appeared only a week after she gave an interview in the American magazine The Cut, which caused a stir, noted the Reuters agency. The American woman in him once again criticized the way the royal family behaved towards his husband.

It’s nice to be back in Britain, Meghan said in a speech at the One Young World summit. Her husband, Prince Harry, also listened to her in the evening. You are the future, but I would like to add that you are also the present. You are the ones who make the positive and necessary changes that are happening all over the world at the moment, she added. She vaguely recalled the year 2014, when she was first invited to the summit of young entrepreneurs.

I am delighted that my husband could join me here this time, added Meghan Markle and received applause from the audience. The fact that we meet again here on the British soil and he is by my side will complete the whole circle, she added.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan at Young Leaders Summit in Manchester (5/2022)

Harry and Meghan decided to leave their royal duties two years ago and live with their two children in Santa Barbara, California. For the first time since then, they performed publicly in Britain this year in July, when they took part in the jubilee celebrations of Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, who sat on the throne 70 years ago.

Pr constantly attracts a lot of media attention, among other things, because of the strained relationship between Harry and his old brother William and Harry and his father, Prince Charles, who is a descendant of the thorn.

According to British media, Harry did not visit William in full during his trip, which could indicate that the differences between the two brothers were not peaceful. And this despite the fact that Harry and Meghan lived in their former home near Windsor Castle, which is located not far from the house where William spent the last month with his family.


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