The end of toxic masculinity: Famous men are changing the rules of black tie

The Venice Film Festival crossed another imaginary line between men’s and women’s fashion (at least for those who still perceived one). Timothée Chalametthe star of the pictures Give me your name and Dunewent to the premiere of his new film Bones and All in the model of a Parisian designer Haider Ackermann – an overall made of shiny crimson fabric, while the halter top, revealing not only the actor’s shoulders, but also his back, demanded attention.

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Timothée Chalamet in a model by Haider Ackermann in Venice (2022)

At the same time, Chalamet naturally followed up on his previous models with this extravagant choice. Three years ago in Venice, he impressed with an unconventional gray suit with a satin top peeking out from under it – also from Haider Ackermann, with whom the twenty-six-year-old actor works persistently. At this year’s Oscars, for a change, he broke the previous conventions when glittering YSL cropped jacket showed off on a bare body.


Timothée Chalamet at the Oscars (2022)

It must be said that Chalamet’s style must be seen in the context of film red carpets, which tend to be more conservative. As part of, for example, the MTV music awards it is customary for musicians to compete with each other in fashion creativity – without a shirt, only in a denim vest and with a cobweb-like transparent top, he set out on Video Music Awards in 2019, for example Lenny Kravitz.


Lenny Kravitz at the MTV VMAs (2019)

A year later on American Music Awards debuted as a couple Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly – he in a white satin suit with only his tattoo peeking out from under it. And this year at the MTV awards he covered Damiano David from Måneskin his torso in nothing but a black glittery hood (at least for a while) while his band mate Ethan Torchio matched in a translucent corset. However, the rapper also attracted attention Lil Nas Xwho presented a spectacular model of the British designer Harris Reed.


The band Måneskin at the MTV VMAs (2022)

It forms a separate chapter of contemporary fluid clothing Harry Styleswhich we covered in detail in article on the occasion of his July concert in Prague. Former band member One Direction after becoming independent, he embarked not only on a solo career, but also on an adventurous fashion journey lined with models Gucci in the style of the seventies, with a furry boa and beads around the neck.


From One Direction to Gender Fluid Fashion Icon: The Style Evolution of Harry Styles

“From that moment on, patterned retro suits and pieces that completely abandoned the traditional division into women’s and men’s clothing became typical for Styles. The pinnacle of his gender bender approach was then a cover shoot for Vogue magazine, in which the singer appeared in a long dress with canaries. explains the editor of Ž Kristýna Dobeš Moučková. Styles’ z model is also memorable The Met Gala in 2019 – especially a translucent blouse with a bow at the neck and a pearl earring in the ear.


Harry Styles at the Met Gala (2019)

Harry Styles and the entire music-commissioned creation of the Gucci fashion house it follows the fashion era of glam rockwhich in the 1970s was primarily associated with personalities such as David Bowie, Marc Bolan or Mick Jagger and maybe later Prince. Exposed chest, sequins, velvet, narrow scarves flapping over the chest, accentuated waist and cropped bag also participate in contemporary pop culture in creating an updated image of the heterosexual man who possesses what is best described by the slang acronym BDE big dick energy. It’s not really about a big penis, it’s about self-confidence without toxic masculinity, which is slowly disappearing at least from the fashion scene.


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Of course, film red carpets are not only indebted to Chalamet for breaking men’s tuxedo boredom. The bold pioneer of hybrid gowns is an actor and singer Billy Porterwhich was probably the most written about three years ago in connection with his velvet black Oscar model by Christian Siriano. Since then, however, he has regularly raised the bar of creative fluid dressing to a theatrically high level, even though revealing is not his specialty.


Billy Porter at the Oscars (2019)

The fact that the boundaries of what is possible and masculine are shifting in men’s social fashion is also evidenced by a Czech scene that doesn’t want to be left behind. It is particularly distinctive in this respect Adam Mišík, who presented a creation à la Chalamet at the film festival in Karlovy Vary – a velvet decorated bare-chested jacket. For a change, his current model at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week resembled the silver-woven shirt in which he performed at the VMAs Shawn Mendes. Who knows, perhaps we will soon see a domestic variation on the Venetian exposed back.


Adam Mišík with his girlfriend Natalia at the festival in Karlovy Vary (2022)


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