Pirti vvoje Poldy did not stop, they are going to remaster the second part

In the end, it won’t be so bad with the drinking here. However, shortly after the release of the seventh part (our review), its author, Petr Svoboda, lamented on the Internet that the game is being stolen so much, and that at most he will not have the appetite or the money for further development, not even half a year later, when he is again ready for further work.

The short waist in the last part of the pr had a rush and so it was glued the same way until the whole number two.

Unfortunately, his fifth game will not be a shift towards old adventure games, as he mentioned several times in this connection, but on the contrary, he will return to the past. Specifically, by 1999, they are preparing a remaster of the second work, which is one of the most popular among fans (see the voiceover of ours).

If you played Polda this summer, you will surely remember the short retro pass, when we were given the opportunity to move for 4 minutes to a few mlo locations from the double. The song will then be completely remastered in this spirit. So sorry, remster, because the specific humor of Poland is still the same.

Polda 2 is getting a remaster
Polda 2 is getting a remaster
Polda 2 is getting a remaster
Polda 2 is getting a remaster
Polda 2 is getting a remaster

Compare modern and original graphics.

The original locations will be upgraded from 640480 to wide angle 4K, all the characters and their animations will also be pasted. Otherwise, the game will remain unchanged, and what about the dubbing of Luka Sobota and other actors, a puzzle and a joke (see our original review). The question, of course, is how much today’s audience understands the narcissism of the Esmeralda series or the politics of Vladimr Meier. But the cars don’t hide that they aim for souvenirs.

In order for the entire remaster to be created at all, enough money must first be collected for it in Hithit’s campaign (link). This should be just a formality, on the very first day of its launch, less than half of the required 600,000 was reached. It can therefore be assumed that the limit will soon fall to 850,000, which will ensure the financial bonus of the chapter and the music patch.

The completion of the development is scheduled for November 2023, but last time it was postponed for about a year, so do not take this date as a certainty.

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