An argument about the placement of the sponge on the dishes upset the model –

An argument about the placement of the sponge on the dishes upset the model –
An argument about the placement of the sponge on the dishes upset the model –

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Media mogul Jaromír Soukup (53) added another piece to his shows, and not just any. In the new talk show on TV, Barrandov and his girlfriend Agáta Hanychová (37) talk not only about living together and what is currently happening in the Czech show business pond, but they even cook together. And it was during this activity that there was a clash of opinions.

Jaromír Soukup does not hide the fact that his love is cooking. According to his words, he will even cook in every episode, as he revealed some time ago in an interview for For this reason, in addition to a comfortable sofa or a punching bag (Jaromír Soukup is an active boxer), the studio also has a large kitchen counter. In the first part, Agáta Hanychová worked on this and made baked stuffed tomatoes. And it was during this that the first clash occurred. The couple lured the audience into a big fight already during the festive premiere of the film Jan Žižka, which the couple in love attended.

A fight over a sponge

“I’m so glad there’s no dish-washing sponge” Agatha joked. It suddenly surfaced that this druggist’s aid was the subject of their dispute. Jaromír did not like this prickly remark. “This is like a disaster. Please, can you explain to me why you are throwing the dishwashing sponge in the sink?” he asked the model, who was quick to add that she’d let people vote on who (doesn’t) throw the sponge down the sink for the next episode. “Everybody throws it there except you” she added.

“If I throw the sponge in there and then spill coffee or osmosis, it’s on the sponge. And if I want to wash something with it…” even the head of TV Barrandov couldn’t finish the sentence, and Agáta answered him immediately: “Then I guess I’ll wash her, right?” But her new boyfriend was adamant. “It’s useless if I can put her aside.” The couple will probably have to solve this problem soon, or only one of them will wash the dishes.

First reaction

But the audience’s reaction to the first episode was not so funny. “I thought the bottom was Cooking with Soukup. Well, I was wrong, because this show is even stupider.” writes one of the viewers under a post on the show’s Instagram account. “After a while I turned it off. Horror. And I was quite looking forward to it,” writes another of the viewers.

Similar posts are the absolute maximum compared to complimentary comments. “Couldn’t stand it. A few minutes and it’s over. Total bottom and wretchedness,” writes one of the other viewers.

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