Actresses who also sing beautifully: Which Czech diva was inspired by her husband and who won an Oscar for singing

If they didn’t prefer acting, they might be selling out halls and stadiums today. The following actresses have beautiful voices and definitely know what rhythm is in the body.

Anna Hathaway (39)

When it appears Anna Hathaway on the big screen, it’s usually worth it. And when she picks up the microphone and sings something, it turns out that she is a woman of many talents. She proved it, for example, in the film adaptation of Les Misérables (2012), in which she played the prostitute Fantina and sang a challenging song I Dreamed a Dream. It was preceded by grueling lessons with voice professionals, an actress in addition she lost a lot of weight for the role and she went short. But the effort paid off as she received an Oscar for her performance.


He sings really beautifully and it’s a shame that he doesn’t devote himself more to this disciplinePhoto:

Petra Hřebíčková (42)

Czech actress and the mother of three children can be seen mainly in romantic comedies, and perhaps few people know about her that she can also sing well. When she worked in the district theater in Zlín, she had a varied repertoire and got to to musical roles.

The singer-songwriter Honza Roušar even invited her as an accompaniment to the song titled I still believe in us. However, the actress admits that she needs to practice singing, and when she neglects it, it shows in her voice.


Petra Hřebíčková knows that even the voice requires trainingPhoto:

Anna Kendrick (37)

There is no doubt that another American actress also has great talent. Already at the age of thirteen, she was nominated for the prestigious Tony Award for her performance in the stage musical High Society. On the screen, viewers can enjoy her singing, for example, in the films Ladíme (2012, 2015, 2017), which discuss girls’ singing a cappella group. For example, she performed a song Cupswhich then became a big hit.


When singing without a band, mistakes have nowhere to hidePhoto:

Barbora Kodetová (52)

By domain Czech actresses they are mainly theater roles, they are currently working in the Theater Na Jezerce and the Theater Bez zábradlí. A few years ago, she also started singing and stated in an interview that in the future she would like to devote herself to jazz, musicals and maybe even some projects of her own.

She was greatly influenced by her violinist husband Pavel Šporcl (49). According to her, the years spent together left a mark on her musical hearing and feeling. For example, they recorded a song together Fiddle – as a tribute to her original performer Hana Hegerová (✝89).


A few years ago, Bára Kodetová decided to develop her singing talentPhoto:

Kristen Bell (42)

He is also close to singing Kristen Bell, who rose to fame with the title role in the series Veronica Mars (2004–2007, 2019). After all, it’s not surprising, because she studied musicals. Her voice also makes her a sought-after voice actress, and one of the characters she has voiced is Princess Anna from the children’s animated hit Frozen (2013). In the original, we can hear her and sing the song Do You Want to Build a Snowman?


The actress has a pleasant voice, so she also found use in dubbingPhoto:

Hana Holišová (42)

In the first row of the show Your face has a familiar voice (2016) many people Czech actress she was surprised by how strong and malleable her voice was. She even won the entire competition. Although today she is also a sought-after musical actress, she was not originally accepted to study this field and had to settle for studying drama. But singing attracted her, so she didn’t stop working on herself, with the help of her mother – a singer and singing teacher. She is said to have thought about making a solo album many times, but it hasn’t happened yet.


Viewers can regularly see the Czech actress in the series UlicePhoto:

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