Brendan Fraser returns: A standing ovation for the morbidly obese hero

Brendan Fraser paid for a real icon in his time. His career was shot to the sky by a series of comedy-action films Mummy, which soon made him one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. In addition, he also shone in comedies Contract with a devil, King of the jungle or Catch up with what you can!. However, he suddenly disappeared from the film world. According to him, frequent injuries during filming were to blame, as he did most of the dangerous scenes himself. The truth was somewhere a little different: in 2003, long before the “me too” affair, he accused the former head of the Hollywood Association of Foreign Press Philip Berk (89) of sexual assault… and that blocked his way to the film. Because he did not remain silent and publicly complained, he found himself on the so-called blacklist.

But he is currently reporting a spectacular comeback. His performance in the drama is getting rave reviews The Whale, in which Fraser played the extremely obese literature teacher Charlie. For this purpose, he had to wear a suit weighing several kilograms, which gave him a figure far removed from his real one. In the film, his hero also deals with a complicated relationship with his daughter Ellie, played by the star of the series Stranger Things Sadie Sink, 20, whom he hasn’t seen since he left his family. “It is the biggest challenge of my acting career. Charlie is the most heroic man I’ve ever played because he has the superpower to get the best out of people. In the whole process, he himself is on his own path to salvation.” Brendan told Deadline magazine.

Sadie Sink became famous for her role as Max in the series Stranger Things Netflix, idk

The film, made by Oscar-winning director Darren Aronofsky (53), had its premiere at the Venice International Film Festival at the weekend – and it was a huge success. After the end of the screening, the artist received a six-minute standing ovation, i.e. the so-called “standing ovation”, which was apparently a very mentally demanding moment for Brandon. He sat inconspicuously in his seat as the applause rang out before being asked to stand and join the other actors in bowing. And even as he tried to leave the place, the deafening applause did not stop. And at that moment, the actor couldn’t contain himself and burst into tears in front of everyone…

Actor Dwayne Johnson (50) also expressed his admiration for him on social networks, who played with him, still under his wrestler nickname The Rock, in the second part Mummy. “I’m really happy to see this beautiful standing ovation for Brendan. He supported me during the filming The mummy returns, in my very first role that kicked off my Hollywood career. I’m rooting for all your success bro” he messaged him via twitter. In addition, Fraser has several reasons to be happy: there are already rumors that the actor should not miss out on an Oscar nomination for his captivating performance… if not the “golden naked” statuette!

Brendan Fraser at the premiere of The Whale

Brendan Fraser at the premiere of The Whale

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