Dara, only Nedved should have seen this! Rollins shared the photo above sans

Shame never bothered Dara Rolins much, and that didn’t change even in her relationship with football player Pavel Nedvěd. The beautiful singer shared a half-naked photo on Instagram. The pop legend showed that he has nothing to be ashamed of even at the threshold of fifty. Any twenty-year-old beauty would kill for her perfect figure.

Dara, be careful that Pavel does not become jealous. The ageless Slovak singer is known for showing off her body. However, she surpassed the usual bikini photos with a shameless topless photo. And to make matters worse, Dara slowly takes off her shorts in the picture.

“Another in the series of ‘you’re not old enough’ or ‘as a mother you should realize'” the singer joked under her wild photo and added a small picture of the devil behind it.

“Or you have a partner at home and only he should see that,” one of the fans added to Dara’s ironic remarks. Otherwise, the star of Czech and Slovak pop music received praise for the photo. “You’ll never be too old for this,” another follower supported her.

“Tell them I’m not going to undress anymore,” Dara Rolins joked, tagging the author of the sexy photo, Lukáš Kimlička, who takes portraits of famous actors, but also daring nudes. “You shameless,” answered the singer soon the photographer.

Fans can only hope that this really won’t be the last photo of Rollins stripping down. The Slovak pop star has nothing to be ashamed of. Even some 20-year-old girl could envy her figure, and dozens of substitutes are probably vying for Nedvěd’s place.

But the dream body is not free. The singer really works hard both in the gym and on the dance floor. Her performances are mainly famous thanks to energetic dance shows, where the singer definitely does not lag behind.

Rolins and Nedvěd like to attend Juventus football matches together. They often show their love for it:


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