You’re playing for men, dress like one. It sounded horrible, coming from a woman, Lenny says

You’re playing for men, dress like one. It sounded horrible, coming from a woman, Lenny says
You’re playing for men, dress like one. It sounded horrible, coming from a woman, Lenny says

Lenny, born Lenka Filipová Jr., speaks of her generation, today’s early thirties, as “sensitive to hypersensitive, but able to talk about emotions.” “And maybe we’re a bit spoiled at times and take things too personally,” he adds.

When asked how much a musician must take into account what is currently trending in music when preparing a new record, Lenny answers: “Even though music is an emotional and beautiful discipline, you also have to deal with the music business if you want to prove something. It probably sounds terrible, but music is also a product,” he says. According to the singer, the ideal is “when I manage to do something that I’m proud of, that fits in with the times and I didn’t have to compromise between who I am and what’s in the air.”

For her first album Hearts Lenny, she collected a total of four Anděl music awards. During the ceremony, she showed the middle finger in front of the audience aimed at everyone who stood in her way. She wouldn’t do that today, she thinks.

“But I would probably imagine it in my head… I have to admit that I just felt that way at the time and I’m not angry with myself for it. I wouldn’t change it,” she assesses. After three released albums, Lenny perceives much more respect in the working environment. “Some things have improved. Mainly communication. I already know that I can safely say that I don’t want something, but of course it’s not easy,” he reveals.

Lenny did not encounter gender inequality in the music industry to a greater extent.

“Fortunately, I don’t have that experience like many of my colleagues. I have never been physically harassed, but I did have one experience at a private event that surprised me. And paradoxically, it was a woman. The lady asked me before the concert what I was going to wear. That there will be a presence of ninety percent men and that I should dress accordingly. So of course I told her that I would wear pants. However, the expectation was probably a miniskirt, something to please the eyes of the gentlemen… It sounded really horrible. It completely undermined the female sense of belonging,” she describes.

“And I’m not saying that I don’t occasionally meet a drunk at a festival who tends to indulge in something, but I naturally have the ability to speak up or simply radiate something that people don’t even want to try it on me,” he adds.

Wait for the right time

In addition to CD, Heartbreak Culture is also released as an LP. “Based on pre-orders, I can say now that LPs are completely beating CDs,” reveals the singer. In the album format, although interest in physical media is declining, he still sees importance. “The album has a concept and holds the project. Other things are reflected from him,” she explains why she would not like to let go of him.

On the song Lithium, which is also on the new record, Lenny collaborated with musician Mike Shinoda, who became famous in the band Linkin Park. “It’s nice to have Mike as a person to stay in friendly contact with… And it’s not a collaboration where we take a large sum of money and talk him out of it, only to have a collaboration with a big producer checked off, as sometimes happens here ,” he adds.

In November, Lenny has his own twice-postponed show at the O2 Universum. “The concert had to be postponed. It was originally supposed to be for the previous album,” Lenny explains. He is not in a hurry for the concert in the O2 arena, which is a target for many Czech musicians. “I think it’s healthy to go gradually. I know a lot of performers who shot out of nowhere, reached for the highest goal and didn’t make it. It’s not healthy and with a person you can sweep it away. I will wait for the right time.’

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