The word that took the girl from Mahdal: Dda dl, co dl. She probably won’t be interested in this

At the premiere of the feature film Jan ika, Felix Slovek (79) sang and behaved like that. He went from place to place, and because of this, the beaver’s partner Zdeka Mahdal, who wrapped herself around the musician like a rope, took a liking to him. Why did he leave model Dda Patrasová (66) at home?

The musician Felix Slovek became the unwanted star of the long-awaited premiere, but it was not without a day of work activity and value that he would have created there. He only allowed himself to be hugged by the following ladies and then let himself be pampered by the blonde in gold shoes, who opened the door with Zdek Mahdal at the premiere. The, familiar with the news and photographer, she was the main member of Pila for the link, headlines and name in the social columns.

Pestoe Dragounov appeared on the red carpet with Zdek Mahdal, who for some reason left her alone on the stage, and Dragounov immediately started sleeping after Slovak. They looked like over-the-top lovers who didn’t have the money to rent a hotel for an hour, which was quite a funny pretense considering their age.

Before he left, the musician let himself be caught by another woman in the crowd, he gave an interview to Expres, in which we asked him why he was not drinking with his deceased mistress, Dda Patrasová.

Lately I’ve been going home. Dda, don’t go to Vude, she probably won’t be interested in the subject matter of this film. women go on to something else, to Felix.

Felix and Lenka were close to each other.

Felix took it straight from the bottles.

He didn’t want to talk too much about whether his mistress kept asking him how he was swimming.

I think that she long, long answered neurit.

It is a question how Lenka Dragounov thinks about him and what she hopes for from this relationship, since Slovek will never divorce because of property. At an afro with Luci Gelemová, the musician confirmed that he would help me with his pension and celebrity contacts. Zdenk Mahdal, his main priority is dubbing and commercials, Dragounov probably cannot provide such conditions.

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