Lejla Abbasov about moving to Cyprus: It was very emotional with Kocbe

A big life change for the family of Lejla Abbasov (42). He wants to move to Cyprus and start a new stage. But it’s not that simple for the mother of the child. For example, what about David’s eldest son? His aunt Michael Kocb (68) has been causing problems since his arrest. How did things end up between them?

Moderator Lejla Abbasov was one of the guests at the premiere of the feature film Jan ika and was accompanied by her Turkish partner Volkan Kaynak, with whom the moderator has ten children. He doesn’t really fit into society otherwise.

The biggest problem with us is to find food. And there is a problem with the cinema here because of the language, but since it is an action film, it also works in cinema, laughed Lejla.

The partners were holding hands in love, they did not take their eyes off each other, and the presenter acknowledged that the new stage of life brought them together. Go to Cyprus now for the sake of a better future for your descendants.

But she herself admitted that it was not an easy decision. Especially what happened to his eldest son David. His aunt Michael Kocb did not agree with that.

Lejla Abbasov took her Turkish partner to the premiere.

Lejla and Kocbe broke up at the end of 2014.

We sat down and it was a bit emotional, but I totally get it. The thought, if it happened to me, would scare me too. But we talked about the fact that it is actually close and a huge added value in the long run for David, so I finally convinced him. Mainly, there are a lot of vacancies, it’s a two-hour flight, it’s not as problematic as it might seem at first glance, added the moderator.

However, the contract had to be postponed by a year. First of all, because of the school attendance of two old children.

She gave birth to a son with Michal Kocbe, who is uncannily similar to him.

It’s not on the agenda of the day, because it didn’t cost him to organize it, and also in a year. It is because of the vertical, because of which we mainly wanted to leave, that the British prison system is delayed by a year and David would fall into the fifth year, so we had to postpone it, she knew

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