At the Masterchef casting, chicken with paprika and fish from a French woman scored points

Already last week, two batches of contestants tried to work their way through a strict jury of professionals consisting of Radek Kašpárek, Jan Punčochář and Přemysl Forejt. The successful ones will get a chance to fight for advancement to the final sixteen.

Two amateur chefs have already shone so brightly that they received a golden card from the judges and they are certain to participate in the TOP 16. Vietnamese Robin from Žižkov, who prepared a great tomato dish, and Alžběta, also from Prague, who was not afraid of a modern version of dill with smoked trout. Both tasted great according to the judges.

It is also certain who won the third golden card, which Jan Punčochář was saving for himself. He dedicated it together with an apron to a nice French woman, a mother of four children, who served the jury such a well-prepared mackerel with rice that was colorful in taste and appearance that they could only smile. “I cook every day, I have four children,” said Malika simply, who said that the colors and flavors of her recipe reflect her life, as she has traveled much of the world as a diplomat’s wife. And she was happy for the praise of French cuisine.

Of course, there were more enthusiastic and happy amateurs who received praise and advanced to the next part of the competition. The equally well-traveled Adam shined among them, another daredevil who transformed a classic recipe into a fragrant and flavor-filled modern jacket. As a child, he hated chicken with paprika, as his mother and grandmother made it, so he prepared it his own way.

According to Adam, the modern chicken on paprika was full of flavor and the jury was amused.

“Do you really think it’s better than your grandmother’s?” asked Jan Punchochář after tasting it. “If you knew what my grandmother used to cook, you would…” Adam swallowed the rest of the sentence. “You know what that evoked in me? A light red curry… That lemon, that power, that chili. And on the second taste, I realized that it was chicken with paprika. And a great paprika chicken.” Who wouldn’t be beaming at such an assessment, when it resulted in progressive yes from all three judges. By the way, contestants only need to hear yes twice to advance to the TOP 30.

The jury was also impressed by the Czech-Italian Martina, whose husband is looking for truffles, so she couldn’t help but prepare pasta filled with truffle cream for the jury. The judges were so excited that Martina left her family in Italy for some time after 29 years in order to score points in the competition. And he takes it as a little homecoming.

Another lucky person is nineteen-year-old Milan, who grew up in a children’s home, just like his nine siblings. So he knows best what children with a similar fate need, and his vision is to teach them how to cook one day. That’s why he wants to improve himself first and show that dreams can come true. He is a trained chef, currently working as an auxiliary force in the school kitchen and working on himself to cook better and better. The judges liked his duck breast with bok choy and fennel salad, so he got a chance to demonstrate in the next competition how serious he is about his plans.

“It’s a simple but good bun like me,” another contestant amused the jury, who bet on a dessert and it worked.

The designer Vanda does not know much about venison, but she prepared it in such a way that she convinced the jury.

A contestant who surprised with such a bizarre dish that the judges wanted to see him cook again.

Similarly, a geography teacher from Bosnia, who was accompanied to the studio by his class, worked his way into the TOP 30. Or the impulsive designer Vanda, who did not recognize that she was not preparing a loin, but a completely different piece of venison, but the judges sensed her creative potential. The vegetarian Pavia, who was born a man but feels like a woman and lives accordingly, also gets a chance. “I believe that in the short time we live, we should try to be the best version of ourselves,” she confided in what drives her forward and why she came from London to audition for an amateur chef competition.

In any case, the thirty contestants selected for the next rounds are very, very diverse in terms of life stories and approaches to cooking. Next time, they will have to deal with challenges both in the studio and outside, both on their own shirt and in teams. Which will reveal not only how they are with cooking and tastes, but also the ability to work in a team that you can’t always choose according to your wishes. And no masterchef can do without it.

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