He divorced his wife to have more time to play video games

To make it easier for those who have to write under every article about celebrities that they have never heard of them, we will start this time with a short medallion.

Of course, we don’t know the real reasons for the breakup, but it certainly wasn’t boring.

Bobby Lee is an American actor of Korean origin, who you may know for example from movies like Let’s Go, We’ll See or The Dictator. He also got his role in the upcoming adaptation of the game hit Borderlands (see our article). He had a difficult adolescence, when he was addicted to alcohol and heroin, and is now a sworn abstinent. They have been a couple with Internet influencer Khalyla for many years, they have been married since 2016. In addition to living together, they also run the popular TigerBelly podcast, so their unexpected breakup surprised many fans, and there was even speculation that infidelity was behind it.

About the real reasons that led to the breakup, Lee spoke with his own humor in an interview for comedian Ryan Sickler’s YouTube channel.

“Starfield is coming out in about eight months, and when it does, I’m going to play it 16 hours a day,” he revealed to the surprised moderator, who obviously had no idea about Bethesda’s huge open world games until then. And just to be sure, he emphasized that he was dead serious. His wife, who liked to go for walks or shopping with him, would try to dissuade him from his hobby at all costs.

A huge world awaits players in Starfield. Maybe too much…

However, Lee denies that he is any looser because of it. Even during such gaming marathons, he does not neglect his work and earns money.

That’s why he likens his hobby to golf.

“But for some reason, golf is OK, just because you’re out there with your friends,” he laments that many look down on him.

Of course, the whole conversation is light-hearted, and the soon-to-be 50-year-old Lee admits that living with him was difficult for all women, and that Starfield is definitely not the biggest problem. He and Khalyla are said to remain best friends and intend to continue working together, including the already mentioned podcast.

At least until Starfield comes out, which could absorb it for a really long time, with more than a thousand visitable planets, it will be the biggest game in Bethesda’s history. And that’s enough to say. You can read more about the game in our detailed preview.

“It’s a huge game. It is a deep and philosophical game. If you want to play Starfield, it consumes a large part of your being. It will definitely give you a different, perhaps a deeper view of your whole being,” promised the players the famous music composer Inon Zur (for example, Prince of Persia, Baldur’s Gate or Fallout 4.), who is in charge of the musical accompaniment.

So that in the end it won’t be the case that more players will be faced with the choice of “either me or Starfield” next year.

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