Signs of promiscuous individuals –

Signs of promiscuous individuals –
Signs of promiscuous individuals –

Knowing about men? So confusing at times! Gentlemen behave gallantly and sweetly when they are interested in something, but this does not mean that their efforts are not selfish. What do they do if they just want sex?

A wolf in sheep’s clothing sends eloquent signals. If he is primarily interested in physical intimacy, i.e. a romance for one or two nights, his expressions can reveal him. The signs of promiscuous, fickle individuals do not change much. What to watch out for with them?

They avoid conversations about commitments

When men want something more serious, they are interested in your emotions, feelings and experiences from previous relationships. They ask where you see yourself in a few years, whether you plan to have children, or how you fill your free time with those already born, etc. A male who only cares about one thing, avoids conversations about serious commitments and keeps silent… “Someday, maybe when I meet the right one, I’ll settle down.”

They “buy” time

A man who is only interested in a physical relationship makes excuses and plays for time. Basically, he keeps repeating that you are strongly attracted to him, but he also needs to get to know your emotional side, which he is understandably “interested” in more than any other area. If he then sleeps with you and doesn’t call again, it’s because he didn’t promise you anything at all. So what are you waiting for?

They talk about sexual things

If a man is only interested in night entertainment, he will not be interested in anything deeper and more intimate. Telling him about your vacation, family or hobbies bores him. The conversation often turns to intimacy, or he is interested in what you say about intimacy without commitments, whether you have already done something like that, and so on.

When they praise your appearance

You are a wonderful, exceptional person. I am very glad to have met you.’ Similarly tuned phrases are welcome and desired. In these cases, the suitor is fascinated by your personality, not your body. When he is more interested in sex, he praises your eyes, hair, breasts, in short, physical attributes. How cute!

He prides himself on his bed art

You’re a bit further along in your relationship, or so you think, so you’re texting and flirting with that hot guy. Word will give word and it will come to intimate things. If you hear something like “I don’t want to brag, but I’m a class in bed”, take your legs on your shoulders. That is, if you are not interested in becoming a lover. This “model” is trying to arouse curiosity and arouse your interest enough to turn mere words into reality.

It is hard to reach

He replies to messages after several hours or days, often does not answer the phone and calls when he wants to. What does it mean? That he has not invested in a serious relationship with you and you are not a priority for him. Better to look elsewhere.

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