Polite refusal of the groom – Bety.cz

Polite refusal of the groom – Bety.cz
Polite refusal of the groom – Bety.cz

He’s courting you as much as he can, which could cause problems for you in the event of a romance – for example at work. He is married. Reject him – politely and in a way that doesn’t offend him.

When it comes to rejection, married men are sometimes not easy to get. As soon as you meet a man, even if he is selfish, first clarify your intentions. A date may be attracted to your friendly nature and personality, but so what? Is such a romance really worth the trouble? Better back up tactfully!

Warn him that he doesn’t want to cross the line

Friendship is one thing, secret relationship is another. If you find out that your object of interest has a wedding ring, let him know that you are not looking for relationships of a similar nature. Act decisively and stick to your word. It will probably start to confuse you in terms of: “After all, it’s nothing, we’ll be friends.” Don’t be fooled and repeat whenever necessary that you do not want to be a part of the life of a man who already has one woman.

Don’t record him

Now that the man knows what you think about him, don’t act provocatively and defiantly towards him. Don’t flirt with him, don’t make ambiguous hints, don’t provoke him and try to be too nice to him. Sometimes you just have to go the straight and honest route. Use your wits. Once he finds out that you care about his person, he would come to the wrong conclusion that you care about him. And that is undesirable at the moment. Remember that many men mistake politeness for coquettishness!

Use the magic formula

“I’m really not interested in being more than friends/colleagues.” Usually, repeating a sentence over and over again is enough for the person to understand that you stand up for yourself and mean it. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Find out his wife’s name

If he’s persistently pushy, mention that his wife wouldn’t like it. Say her name out loud (personalize it), the message is then more effective. If there is no spare, you can ask directly for the contact details of his girlfriend. This turns many men off. Plus, you show that you really care and support his marriage.

Change the subject

Sometimes the best way to get rid of an awkward conversation is to change the subject. As soon as a man starts flattering and complimenting your person, you start telling something from a completely different barrel. Weather, politics or health are always relevant.

Tell him how much you despise cheaters

You don’t want to date philanderers or those with low morals. OK. The other party deserves to know that you despise their actions because you respect decency and good manners. Lying has no place in your life. “Stay where you are supposed to be, dear sir!” As long as you resist his attempts, nothing can happen…

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