Andrew Garfield was without food and sex for the movie role

Andrew Garfield was without food and sex for the movie role
Andrew Garfield was without food and sex for the movie role

The role for which Andrew Garfield prepared with methodical acting was the Jesuit priest Rodrigues in the 2016 film The Mill by director Martin Scorsese. In an effort to portray this character as best as possible, which was inspired by a faithful Jesuit missionary named Giuseppe Chiara, the actor said he also ate bed rest for half a year.

It was great, I must ct. Such a long time without sex and going, I both had pretty wild feelings from it, as if I were on drugs, Garfield blurted about his esteemed fist.

People make up their own minds about such methods. But it’s not always about the guy behaving like a jerk to others, he revealed with reference to the controversial behavior of some of his fellow actors.

Photo: Andrew Garfield with a great supporter and promoter of method acting, Jared Leto

In fact, it’s about being honest about imaginary circumstances. And you’re welcome, behave like a normal hunter and if necessary, you can leave it. But when you want to have it that way in the role, just keep it that way, he explains.

Moderator Marc Maron touched it on the methodological edge in his podcast called WTF. Specifically, he found his collaboration with actor Ryan Gosling, who once inspired Garfield to use this method.

He was full of life at the time, and he didn’t care if he had to repeat the same dream over and over again. He listened, was witty, spontaneous, and still surprised without even having to try, Garfield recalled.

It was like having a dream with a wild woman and not knowing whether she will hug you or tempt you in five minutes. When I thought about it, I said to myself, whatever it is, I want to cut it like that too, he describes.

Based on this, Andrew Garfield arranged lessons with Gosling’s acting girlfriend Greta Seacat, and since then he has had several sleeper roles. I’m tired of people claiming that method acting is stupid, he claims now. This can only be said if you worked with someone who never actually raised it, he added.

The British actor Tom Sturridge recently talked about his preparations on the set. He admitted that he had been on hunger strike for the role of Morpheus in the Sandman series.

VIDEO: Andrew Garfield in The Mill:

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