He is afraid that he will fall, the potion is supposed to relieve him of the pain, says the brother – eXtra.cz

He is afraid that he will fall, the potion is supposed to relieve him of the pain, says the brother – eXtra.cz
He is afraid that he will fall, the potion is supposed to relieve him of the pain, says the brother – eXtra.cz

Recently, the nation has repeatedly worried about its musical idols. Václav Neckář (78), who had to cancel a performance after a fall, also came into the media’s spotlight recently. How is he doing? “It’s unpleasant. He has the feeling that he will fall at any moment,” his brother Jan (73) revealed to eXtra.cz.

Václav Neckář: New consequences of stroke after 20 years

As previously stated by Blesk, Václav Neckář, a singer popular with several generations of listeners, who he suffered a severe stroke 20 years ago and since then he has been fighting valiantly with worse speech, he has spasms in the big toe of the right foot, which make it difficult for him to walk and stand. He therefore had to cancel two performances.

“It even happened that he fell, we have to be careful,” his brother Jan told the TN.cz server.

He has now added details for eXtra.cz.

“Brother is fine now. We are already playing in Moravské Krumlov on Saturday and we have another concert on Sunday,” he said.

A potion has to save him

In short, Vášek sometimes has difficulty walking. It’s a remnant of a stroke, it’s basically a neurological thing. He goes to rehab, where he tries to move. AND they give him some potionthen hopefully everything will be fine,” said Jan Neckář for eXtra.cz.

“It’s unpleasant. He feels like he’s going to fall at any moment.” explains the problem with brother Jan’s momentum.

“He doesn’t have to carry the wand yet. At concerts, it’s sometimes like an obstacle course backstage, so when the approach is more difficult, I help him,” he explains.


It is not the first time that Václav Neckár’s health has been discussed recently.

“He was recently in the hospital for a routine examination. Since they just needed to do some tests by the next day, they kept him there overnight. Someone saw him and thought he was hospitalized. Marta Kubišová was lying there at that time, so they had a short chat,” Jan describes.

“Hopefully we’ll play something more. As Miloš Skalka says, old age is disgraceful. The body is already responding. But a lot of people are much worse off,” he adds, resignedly.

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