The Queen’s salary would pay for two series of the series The Crown

The Queen’s salary would pay for two series of the series The Crown
The Queen’s salary would pay for two series of the series The Crown

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The first season was released on November 4, 2016. The historical saga The Crown then allowed viewers of the Netflix streaming service to follow the workings of the royal family from 1947 to 1955.

It began with the wedding of the then British Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor and Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh. Then came very soon the death of King George VI, the proclamation of Elizabeth II. the queen and her coronation and at the end of the opening series also the resignation of Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Money around the Koruna

The first two rows alone reportedly cost over 97 million pounds, i.e. about 2.75 billion crowns. Which might seem like enough considering the actors didn’t even wear real jewelry or shoot in real castles.

However, sets and costumes (as well as actors’ salaries) were apparently expensive. And coincidentally, it was the same sum, minus the £11 million, as the annual income of the Queen, today the King.

The monarch’s family receives the so-called Sovereign Grant, which Her/His Majesty’s government calculated at 25 percent of the annual profit from the Crown Estate (The Crown Estate) – a collection of up to 792 thousand hectares of land, forests, castles and plots worth over 14, 3 billion pounds.

Converted to dollars, the opening series of the Koruna series cost 130 million, which is not enough for a record today. For example, HBO gave Game of Thrones an average of 100 million per series, and the most recent Rings of Power, i.e. Amazon’s Rings of Power, with its record 465 million for the first season alone, is the prime.

At the same time, the British screenwriter and playwright Peter Morgan gradually cast more well-known actors in the series The Crown and, of course, recast members of the royal family over time. Elizabeth II first played by Claire Foy and Prince Philip was played by Matt Smith. And in the third series, Olivia Colman and her husband Tobias Menzies lent the face to the queen.

Follow-up of the Crown. She wasn’t the record holder in that either, until now

But even despite the generous budget, the series did not break viewing records.

In January 2020, the service published the first numbers, and by then 73 million households had played the historical saga. Last year, the most successful series from Netflix’s Squid Game was watched by 142 million households in the first month alone. However, it must be emphasized that in 2013 the streaming platform had about a third of its subscribers.

And other famous heads of the British government, Margaret Thatcher or Princess Diana, only came to the Crown in the fourth row last year.

So the saga had to wait until this weekend for its record. Its popularity was revived by the death of Elizabeth II, after which viewership in Britain alone rose by more than 800 percent. It reached the seventh place in the Netflix TOP 10 ranking, and in the Czech Republic it still holds the third place today.

According to the viewership data of the American company Whip Media, viewers started watching The Crown shortly after the news of the death of the British Queen. And worldwide, the series had four times the viewership from Friday to Sunday compared to the same period a week earlier.

The fifth series premieres in November, and the death of the queen should not affect the date. The plot will take place in the 90s and will follow, among other things, the relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana at that time.

This time the queen will be played by Imelda Staunton, who will probably repeat the role in the sixth and final series of the historical saga. However, Netflix out of respect for Elizabeth II. stopped filming at least until the funeral.

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