Michael will also end up in the ZOO after Robert Urban…

The departure of the big ZOO stars from the series of Robert Urban and Eva Burešová is no longer a secret. However, can we expect the end of other supporting actors as well, for example Michaela Petřeková, who portrays Peter’s ex-fiancée Markéta?

With the arrival of the second series of the series ZOO, viewers of TV Prima learn practically every day from various media about what changes await us in the continuation of the series in the environment of the zoo and beyond. Even so, not everyone had the opportunity to catch the announcement of Eva Burešová, who ended the filming of the series due to her pregnancy and subsequent maternity leave. It didn’t take long, and Juliet in the form of Burešová was followed by the faithful Romeo, i.e. Robert Urban, who with Eva in the series forms the pair of Vika and Peter, one of the central relationships of the entire series.

However, the love between these two was never easy and straightforward, and we still don’t know if Petr Kříž and Viky Janečková will end up together or not. Currently, it is starting to look like we will finally see a romantic flare-up, but in the past it was not so obvious.

Markéta Tomečková, who appeared in the beginning of the series as Peter’s girlfriend, and later even his fiancee, brought the main doubts to the happy end between Viky and Petr. From the first meeting, Markéta and Viky did not see eye to eye, and their rivalry basically never ended. Markéta was very well aware that Viky is a smart, beautiful and very capable woman, and therefore poses a danger to her relationship with Petr. In the course of the first series, viewers could thus witness a long-lasting battle for Peter’s heart, which Markéta finally lost at the wedding ceremony. However, it was only a small victory for Viky so far, as he still has to try to find his way to the judge’s heart. For now, he sees her more as a family friend than as a potential new love.

Nevertheless, it seems that there is no longer a place for Markéta Tomečková in the series. With the breakup with Petr, her story line has perhaps closed once and for all, and the question remains whether we will see her, and therefore her representative Michaela Petřeková, in the new series. Unlike Urban or Burešová, the actress did not provide any official statement to the media or on her own social networks, so there is still a question mark over her casting in the future.

There is a question mark over Markéta’s future, Source: Pavel Gwužď/ Nextfoto

So can we count on a scenario when Markéta will return to the screens? Will he try to chase Peter again, or otherwise harm his gradually developing relationship with Viky? Or will she fall in love with another man we already know? The icing on the cake could be, for example, pairing her with Vika’s ex-boyfriend, Kamil. She has dealt with some work matters with him in the past, so it may well happen that the two will join forces in an attempt to destroy Peter and Vika’s happiness in life.

Whether the fate of Markéta Tomečková or We will probably find out relatively soon in connection with the broadcast of the next episodes of the second season, which now runs every Tuesday and Thursday on TV Prima screens, whether Michaela Petřeková has been sealed forever in the series ZOO, or whether she will surprise us with her return.

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