Karla comes out with the truth, Tonda talks about the political war with her son and Magda stops taking care of Prokop’s father

Karla comes out with the truth, Tonda talks about the political war with her son and Magda stops taking care of Prokop’s father
Karla comes out with the truth, Tonda talks about the political war with her son and Magda stops taking care of Prokop’s father

The end of the week in the series Ulice will not bring any happy moments. The drama will take place at Karla’s house and at Tondo’s celebration, and Magda stops taking care of Prokop’s father by herself…

Tondo’s celebration descends into drama

Tonda stands behind Lumir and is downcast. Tonda confides in a friend that he is sad because he cannot disinherit his son. Finally, he concludes that he no longer has any son. However, Tondo couldn’t do it and went to the retirement home to find out how things were going there. After this visit, he becomes even more upset because everyone sang odes to his son. According to him, this is a political war and Jirka did it on purpose to spoil his birthday.

However, Tonda is not satisfied even at the party and remembers his party in the forties, when vodka was flowing and there was even a striptease. He then tells Mário that the entertainment is not free, but for a vote for him. Jirka will also arrive at the celebration. While his son only came to wish him well, Tonda maintains that he came because he wants to disinherit him and he is after money. In the end, the younger Hložánek leaves immediately, saying that his dad has definitely gone mad.

Lumir then confides in Tonda that he invited Jirka to have a drink together and reconcile. Drunk Tonda then refuses to go home because he told his wife at home that he is sleeping with Lumir. There he then opens a gift from his son and it is a photo of young Tonda with his son, which makes him cry…

Karla confides in Vérca

Věrka meets Jakub in front of the gymnasium and asks him: “Can I ask something? How can a person like you come to such an extreme solution?” Jakub then tells her about his entire attempt and what he was experiencing at that moment on the roof. Then Věra tells him that Vojta will be coming soon and that she doesn’t want him to see them together because Kryštof and Karla don’t want her to associate with him.

When she brings her grandson home, she tells Karla that she met Jakub. She gets upset and raises her voice at Vera. However, Věrka does not understand her reaction and, with tears in her eyes, tells her daughter-in-law: “What’s wrong with helping a person who is sick.” To which Karla tells her that everything is different and that she will make tea and talk. “He wanted to meet more and more often,” says Karla and adds: “Jakub latched onto me unhealthy.” Vera realizes that he has fallen in love with her. “It was just the result of emotional blackmail. I was the one he called from that roof.” And then she adds that she was there on that roof and that he is a great manipulator. Vera is interested in only one thing, and that is whether she also told Kryštof this.

Kryštof then inquires about Bruno in Coolno, why he fought with Jakub at his parents’ wedding. He put it all down to the fact that they were both thirsty. When Kryštof leaves, Bruno immediately writes to his sister that they must meet and talk.

Magda stops taking care of Prokop’s father

Magda confides in Otík that she is tired and everything hurts, because she is constantly commuting back and forth to take care of Prokop’s father, where she constantly cleans, cooks, and even carries heavy things. Prokop drives minimally, or rather not at all. Even though he was supposed to go there now, in the end he comes again with a request that she go there herself, because as the director she has too much to do. He thus delegated the care of his father to his girlfriend, who is very exhausted by it. He even has to leave the Cultivation Circle early and leave the students alone there because of it. Then you dare to plant a marijuana seedling in a box at school…

What will the series heroes deal with at the beginning of next week?

Magda and Tomáš find out that the students planted marijuana in the school greenhouse, Bruno and Karla deal with Jakub, and Skyler deals with the fact that they are laughing at Chris in the kindergarten…

You can watch the Ulice series every weekday in the early evening on Nova and one week in advance on Voyo.

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