Fuck you, Snow Whites and Pomade

Even if it’s been a year since you were a teenager, few people forget the period of entering adulthood. And with movies that take us into stories set in high school, you often like to reminisce. Take a quiz to see how well you know famous pictures, not just for teenagers.

1. The film Snow Whites and Moss (1982) follows high school students on ski training. Do you remember the name of the game they played secretly in the boiler room?

2. The 1989 film is set in 1959 at a conservative boys’ academy in Vermont. A new teacher of English literature joins the school, who completely wins over the students with his original way of teaching. They therefore decide to continue the association’s tradition, after which the film is also named. It is:

3. The heroine of the comedy Ugly Nasty Girls (2004) starts a new life at a high school in a big city. Where did she immigrate from?

4. In what year does the plot of the well-known Czech musical Rebelová (2001) take place, which follows the fates of high school students whose luck was not exactly favored by the times?

5. The comedy The Virgin or the Eagle (2010) tells the story of high school girl Olive, who becomes the center of attention as a promiscuous student as a result of a small lie. Which actress played the role?

6. In the movie Pomade (1978), there are different girls’ and boys’ parties at the high school. Do you remember the name of the one that the girl heroes belonged to?

7. For what reason does an ex-convict become a high school teacher in the German comedy Mr. Teacher (2013)?

8. In the Czech film Gympl (2007), what activity do the gymnasium students do dominantly?

9. Can you remember which Shakespeare play the comedy Ten Reasons Why I Hate You (1999) is inspired by?

10. In the American film Fart, fart, fart (1999), the exotic sex bomb Nadia is the center of attention of high school students. What country did she come from?

So, have you checked all the answers? If so, evaluate the test.

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