And what will happen next as the secrets are revealed? …

Marek is still a bit confused about what happened with Viky. But everything gets even more complicated when Viky, as is her habit, runs from the truth, lets herself be denied, lies and hides, just so she doesn’t meet Mark. Is he still a positive character at all?

Will Marek give up hope that he will ever notice Vika?

Vojta would like to help Mark, because he sees how the whole thing is eating him up. Unlike Mark, he doesn’t see Viky through rose-colored glasses and it’s clear to him that she’s just a coward. She calmly leaves her friend, who has always been happy to help her, in limbo. She even invented losing her voice to make things easier.

Hunters in the zoo

But there are also much bigger problems. At the zoo, someone shot an antelope and cut off its head. All this in broad daylight. Everyone is properly taken aback by this, and even though the depraved hunter was still in the zoo, he managed to escape.

Of course, the mayor did not miss the opportunity to enjoy Roklova that it was her responsibility. It’s not easy for Roklová, and she also has to constantly fight Lubor, who harms her at every opportunity.

Sid came to her with her theory that killing an animal at the zoo might just be the first action of a group of hunters who were inspired by a movie she had seen.

Although no one takes it seriously yet, the garden workers decide to keep watch at night. This leads to a comical situation when he disturbs Franta, who came to the African exhibition to have a good time.

But the next day, Sid notices two men wandering around the zoo, and she immediately thinks they’re behaving suspiciously. The big surveillance, in which Franta gets involved, is finally successful, but the caught criminal knows Sid from before – and reveals her identity in front of Adam.

It is immediately clear to Sid that it will be very difficult to fix things with Adam. Will he forgive her for lying to him?

Despite the more difficult times, Roklová was lucky. Someone sent her evidence that Brazda was involved in feed fraud. He understood that he would not get out of such trouble, but to his surprise, the trouble does not have to end in dismissal if he accepts the director’s proposal.

Petr doesn’t even sigh after Markéta

Jitka and Petr are getting closer. Source: FTV Prima

And while Sid moves away from his love, Petr and Jitka Hrnčířová, whom he found in the selection process, begin to understand each other. Jitka is also nice to children, and even to Viky. To Danuš’s surprise, she doesn’t even want to do anything against the nice brunette who replaced Markéta, and so slowly gives up the fight for Peter before she started it.

It begins to dawn on her that Petr is not the only guy in the world and that maybe the relationship with Mark might not be just friendly after all. But in the meantime, Adélek also notices all the good qualities of the bartender, and when Vojta warns Marek several times that he can keep his eyes on him, eventually even the hesitant Marek begins to think about whether he should let Viky out of his head after all and try to experience something less complicated.

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