Big autumn horoscope by sign: Change is coming, get ready

Big autumn horoscope by sign: Change is coming, get ready
Big autumn horoscope by sign: Change is coming, get ready

Astronomical autumn begins on Friday, September 23 at 03:04, when the Sun enters the sign of Libra. The autumnal equinox brings stormy dreams, which have the task of preparing you for the important changes that this fall will bring.

Nature is preparing for hibernation, its colors beckon for walks and various autumn pleasures. However, this autumn should bring many fundamental changes to people, which will need to be accepted. The horoscope for individual signs was prepared for by astrologer Hana Černá.


Aries will have a favorable and successful autumn, because Jupiter is in Aries. Aries will feel that change is coming. They will do well both professionally and in relationships. And that in both work, personal and family relationships. But you should sort out the people around you, then relationships will become clearer.

Aries will be able to convince everyone, they will also be very communicative and attractive. It is a good time for a new profession, but you will have to do something about it. On October 9, 2022, the most important full moon awaits you in the sign of Aries, which will be mainly emotional and relational and should help you heal your emotions. Know what steps you should take next.


Bulls will also do well in the fall. They will want to move on in life, and not only professionally. You will need to sort out your relationships. Unmarried Taurus people have a great chance of meeting fateful love. This sign generally likes autumn, its colors and nature. You should therefore draw as much energy as possible from it before winter, working in the garden will also help you.

In October, you will deal with situations that you agreed upon in the past. It is also a good time to conclude new contracts and agreements. Autumn wishes you, you receive an award or someone important notices you. It will be important in the future. Bulls will spend the colorful autumn more with their family, which is very important to them.


Relationships will be in the foreground for Gemini in autumn, so you should devote yourself to their development and harmonization. Clean up your surroundings. You will also have a chance to make your mark in the profession, you can make your dreams come true! Some Geminis are waiting for an important meeting for life or fateful love.

Gemini will be very active, also in terms of social life. Those who work wherever information is transmitted will be especially successful. You may feel the need to work more on your health or you will be helpful in this area to someone close to you. The October full moon will give Gemini creativity and imagination.


For Cancers, the home and matters around it, around the garden or other real estate will be in the foreground. They should put order not only in the apartment, the house, but also in their relationships. Cancers will want to extend the summer and fly abroad. They will also deal with the workplace, the position when they will have to change something. Modify the contract, conditions, or it will be a certain change of professional position. A lot of Cancers can make their mark in the autumn months. It is a favorable period for the profession. Cancers are waiting for an official meeting, in October some may have a problem with authority. It will be good to be more diplomatic.

Horoscopes for other signs can be found on the following page.

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