The Black Angels are back. Listen to the legendary hit Lucia in a symphonic arrangement

The graphically stylized, retrospective video was created for the band by director Vítek Čermák in collaboration with Michal Dvořák.

Text from the U Rarášků wine bar

PBCH bassist. then he recalled the entry of the Black Angels: “At the time, I recorded the demo song on my Aria PRO 2 bass guitar on a cassette tape, it was the year 90. Since I only owned a bass guitar at the time, I recorded it in slow motion for the right guitar illusion and only then played it in real speed.”

Photo: Lucie, Unsourced

The Lucie band goes on tour.

The text, he added, came in at the U Rarášků wine bar in Prague’s Mikulandská street. “Subsequently, during the rehearsals, I thought of the bass figure that enhances the song. David then got the idea to make an arrangement in the spirit of Sisters of Mercy, because at that time we were also going a lot in gothic music, after which Michal Dvořák programmed special drum samples in this spirit. It was a strong motif and the song was given a clear, dynamic structure with directive drums,” he further explained.

With symphonies in the back

The band is going on tour in a few days as part of the Lucia v opera tour 2022. It will be accompanied by the Hradec Králové Philharmonic. The concert series will start on September 28 in Ostrava and end on November 5 in Brno. It will also include the latest technologies. “Unique scenography, placement of the orchestra, projections. Lighting design by Lukáš Patzenhauer. Just to make it a show people won’t forget,” said the musicians.

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