Son Jan follows in his acting footsteps –

Son Jan follows in his acting footsteps –
Son Jan follows in his acting footsteps –

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It has been twelve years since the actor Vladimír Dlouhý (†52) he lost his battle with an insidious disease. He left behind a widow Petra Jungmannová (51), with whom he gave birth to twins Jiří and Jan. He had a daughter Daniela from his first marriage. In the case of the sons, the apple did not fall far from the tree, not only in terms of appearance, but also in acting genes. Both fifteen-year-old boys are following in Vladimir’s footsteps. Jan even got his first big film opportunity, as reported by ČT.

Jiří Vejdělek has prepared four Czech comedies, which the audience will be able to watch on Czech Television in the fall. The scripts were taken up by Marek Epstein, who was inspired to write by health complications, such as a toothache, as reported in a press release from Czech Television, which was provided to the editors of

The son of the late Vladimír Dlouhé Honzo will appear alongside Anna Polívková and Roman Zach in the comedy Ruce v zaruč, for whom this is the biggest acting opportunity to date.

“It’s the first big opportunity in front of the camera that Jan Dlouhý got in the comedy Hands in Guarantee,” the director confided at the film’s press conference that his mother, the actress Petra Jungmannová, also appeared in front of the camera.

“She played the episodic role of a neighbor in the film. Both twin brothers – Jan and Jiří Dlouhý – auditioned for the role of the son of Anna Polívková and Roman Zach.”

Vladimír Dlouhý lost his battle with an insidious disease

Actor Vladimír Dlouhý would certainly be proud of his children today. He went to artistic heaven prematurely at the age of fifty-two, when he lost his battle with stomach cancer. Although Vladimír originally wanted to devote himself to construction or hockey, life eventually led him to the path of an actor, during which he collected a number of awards.

He is a two-time recipient of the Czech Lion for his supporting role in the film Hlídač no. 47 and in 2011 he won the Czech Lion in memoriam award for the best male performance in a supporting role for his role in the film Kajínek. He then won the hearts of the fans, for example, in the fairy tale S čerty no jest žerty or in the TV series Arabela.

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