What’s in store for you tonight in Ulica? Spoiled Lexicon,…

What’s in store for you tonight in Ulica? Spoiled Lexicon,…
What’s in store for you tonight in Ulica? Spoiled Lexicon,…

Lumir gives Lexík a sermon, but then the tables are turned, and suddenly it’s the little son who is instructing the father. Disagreements between father and son have also existed in the Hložánky family for a long time, and they escalated during the birthday celebration. It’s not easy for Karel either, who will be forced to reveal to Věrc a bit of the truth about her relationship with Jakub.

Does Lumir raise Lexik, or is it the other way around?

Lumir talks Lexík about the fact that he secretly left the apartment again yesterday. Grandma could easily be knocked out of it! Lexík doesn’t feel guilty, he has a simple and bulletproof excuse – he was just trying to find his dad. And why was he actually in the pub when grandma claimed he was at work huh?! The right question and Lumir suddenly tries to get out of the interrogation, which has imperceptibly turned into an educational conversation. He tries to convince the boy that he was with Katerina purely to discuss Tondo’s birthday party, which is to be held at the pub today.

Kateřina tells Lumir that he should set firm boundaries for his son. After all, he is an adult and has the right to hang out with whoever he wants. However, he apologizes to Lexík for his sensitivity. Besides, his mom died. Well, yes, but how long can you hide behind this painful experience?

Kateřina and Lumir’s relationship is not simple, Source: TV Nova

Tonda wants to disinherit Jirka, but it’s not that easy

Tonda is depressed because the lawyer informed him that he cannot just disinherit Jirka. This would only be possible under some special conditions, e.g. if he caused a serious crime. According to Tonda, he already did that when he entered his district and dazzled all the pensioners, former voters of the Incorruptible.

During the celebration in the pub, Jirka comes to wish her father well and maybe reconcile with him. She even hands him a gift, but Tonda thinks his mom sent him there. She must have told him that his father wanted to disinherit him, so he had come purely because he was interested in the possessions. This really offends Jirka and drives him away for good. Lumir then admits that he invited Jirka to the pub so that he and Tonda could have a shot and finally talk about everything. But it’s too late for that now. Tonda decides to spend the night at Lumir’s place, and breaks down in tears when she unwraps her son’s present later. Will it be under the wrapping paper?

Karla tells Věrka the truth – actually, more like a half-truth

Věrka meets Jakub in front of the school and dares to ask him why he actually did what he did. Jakub begins to tell her a heart-wrenching story about how he felt that he simply had no choice, and how lonely he felt. Verka he assures him that he is not alone, but at the same time informs him that Karla and Kryštof do not wish for them to be in contact any longer. So Jakub leaves, but Vérce is still confused. She admits to Karla that she met Mr. Screenwriter and that she finds him very unhappy. He has always been nice, helpful and kind to her, so she feels the need to help him.

All Karla has to do is drip the divine – at least a small drop. She explains to Věrc that Jakub was unhealthily fixated on her, that she tried to resolve and close things with him, but he simply wouldn’t let himself be told. He even made her follow him to the roof he was supposedly going to jump from, but it was all just a show. Verce doesn’t want to believe that they are both talking about the same person, the polite and respectable Jakub, but Karla assures her that he is a very good manipulator.

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