I have a calculated pension and I have to respect reality. I’m happy for work

Daniela Kolářová just celebrated her 76th birthday. She is one of the most popular and employed actresses in our country and she does not let up in her work in front of the camera. She has just finished filming the comedy film Behind everything, look for a woman, she hasn’t even taken a breath and is already looking forward to the boards of the theaters where she performs. In an interview with Czech pensions, the actress admitted that, due to her age, her strength is waning, but she does not want to give up her work in the theater or in the garden. It’s her recipe for happiness.

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Actress Daniela Kolářová.

Mrs. Kolářová, you celebrated your 76th birthday, how was the celebration?

We will celebrate the birthday with the family when it suits everyone. I wish that this desperate and sad time we are going through will end.

How did you spend your summer? What did you do and what did you learn?

The summer was intense, I spent it working in the garden. And as always, I didn’t manage to do everything I wrote on the long list.

In the film Look for a woman behind everything, you play the grandmother of the main character. What kind of grandmother are you off the screen? What is your favorite thing to do with your grandchildren?

I like to see my grandchildren, their interests are diverse, I learn something new every time.

I saw the trailer for the movie Look for a woman behind everything. Can you describe your role and also if you experienced anything funny during filming, for example with Ms. Zlata Adamovská?

On the first day of filming, Zlatka and I traveled to Ostrava. It was terribly hot, filming took place outside, and during small breaks we all went to the air-conditioned room to cool off. I’ll disappoint you, I can’t think of anything funny.

Where can viewers everywhere see you from autumn? In what theaters?

The theater season is starting, I am playing in Studio Two plays Crazy Sad Princess and Rest in Your Room. In Viola, I play in the shows Not only the little prince and Commedia finita, and in the MANA Theater I play in the survival guide.

I am concerned about the state of society

You were quite active in politics. Are you still following her? And what do you think of her?

Yes, I follow politics, I am quite concerned about the state of our society.

You are a passionate gardener. Tell us what we can find in your garden?

It is very noble to speak of me as a gardener. I am an amateur, I have made many mistakes. But it’s true that I’m happy outside in nature working with clay and plants. It is my church where I pray and learn to respect its order.

What do you think is missing in today’s young generation? And what would you point out, on the contrary, that in a positive sense they do better than your generation?

Young people live in a free country, they can study abroad, and it is perfectly normal for them to speak English. We graduated in, among other things, Russian.

How do you view technology? Are you interested in technological news and do you use e-mail or social networks?

My technology-related activity is limited to email. I do not operate social networks or other options. It’s all wonderful and potentially exploitative at the same time.

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self today with your experiences?

I would have advised my then twenty-year-old self to have been born in Norway, for example.

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Age cannot be fooled and strength wanes

You are very active, while many people your age just want to rest. Where do you get the energy, the drive?

Well, age cannot be faked, how to deal with that fact? There is no magic recipe for this. I have to task myself. I am born in Virgo and my angel is Menadel, the angel of work.

Is there anything that really bothers you about age?

Power is waning, you have to be able to accept it.

Are you satisfied with the amount of your pension? Do you think the government could do more for the elderly?

I have to respect reality, I have a calculated pension. And I’m happy when I occasionally get an offer to work in theater, television or film. And I have a choice – yes or no.

How would you compare Czech seniors with those from Western countries?

I remember how, during the totalitarian regime, buses with West German pensioners used to drive here. They were nicely dressed and radiated positive activity. This is exactly what I would like to see work here. The recipe for implementation must be sought by politicians.

And what would you advise seniors to be happy after sixty? Many of them lose the will to live and think that life is over…

You just have to have fun and not wait for anything. Find a job, some hobbies, just anything to keep him busy.

Thanks for the interview.

Photo: Profimedia

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