Another day on Love Island: Recoupling was for…

Another day on Love Island: Recoupling was for…
Another day on Love Island: Recoupling was for…

Moderator Zorka marched into the villa in full dress and left all the ladies present far behind in elegance. The exchange of partners began, which stressed everyone as if they had lived together for half a year and someone wanted to tear away the love of their lives, which they had promised eternity.

Of course, Natalia chose David. She understood that he is quite naive and with a little effort she will secure his loyalty, and above all loyalty, and it will not happen to her that she would remain a partner. It was a very good move from a strategic point of view.

Lia, she ran around all day desperately looking for someone among the male half of the staff who would at least hint that he was interested in her. Some of the muscle men made it quite clear that they were not interested in her, and so on she chose Jacob. He was as surprised by this as Tina, who was a couple with Jakob and believed that everyone took note that she got along with Jakob. More than losing her place in the bed next to Jacob, she was annoyed that Lia hadn’t at least hinted that her partner was among the candidates for selection.

Jakub chose Hankawhich was one of the options he was considering, and when Hanka confirmed to him that she was in favor and Kryštof sanctioned it, there was no reason not to implement the choice.

Zbyněk kept Sára, Štefan married Naty, Kryštof Denisa.

Tina was left alone, but she didn’t pack her suitcases. She was given a second chance, but somewhat illogically justified by the fact that she has the opportunity to find a solid partnership. But she had that, and she could not influence the fact that the three last arrivals were the first to choose their partners.

An infantile game was played, the aim of which was to touch body to body. Catchphrase Tiny in the heat of the game was the only thing that amused her:

“It’s just that my goats are crawling.”

Tina spent the night on the couch, but in the morning Jacob came to her saying he missed him. When then Tina got the chance to go on a date, it was clear who she was going with. And they enjoyed the meal together.

Lia also got the same chance to date, when the captured partner left her to coo with another. She chose Jakub, but he wasn’t having fun at all. Although Lia kept telling him that he was nice and maybe she would choose him next time, he didn’t throw a plate at her head. However, he said on camera that he couldn’t imagine being a couple with Lia at all. Evidently, he likes funny, passionate and gifted girls like Hanka, and not wimps and desperate ones like Lia. This date didn’t go very well.

One surprise came after all. Naty, who was a bit depressed after the behavior of the immature David, suddenly melted in the company of Štefan, the corners of her mouth, which had been hanging down lately, suddenly lifted and she seemed to have been changed. It could be seen that even Štefan welcomed Naty’s company after Denisa told him that he was too small for her and that he was not interested in her as a man.

Sensing an opportunity to find a soulmate, Naty confides in him that she has a four-year-old child, something she hasn’t told anyone else.

Favorites of the day:

Tina and Jacobwho may have benefited from the division and will take care of themselves more than if they lived in security.

Naty and Stefanthat they found each other after the first failed experience.

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