Is Meghan Markle poor? The truth about bullying in the palace

The writer Christina Oxenbergová is a descendant of the Serbian royal family and the new British king Charles III. he is her third cousin. Although the kinship may seem quite distant, in fact Christina is quite close to the British aristocrats and knows very well how things go in their family. At least that’s what he claims in a spicy interview with The Post.

According to Oxenberg, the royal family certainly does not coddle any new arrivals – and especially women who would like to start something with one of the noble men. According to Christina, only the strongest will “survive”.

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“I’m telling Meghan Markle, ‘What you’re going through is a hell of a lot of bullying,'” said Oxenberg. According to her, no one escapes the harsh treatment – not even the newlywed Princess of Wales Kate Middleton (40).

Christina is the younger sister of actress Catherine Oxenberg (61). Their mother is Princess Elizabeth Jugoslavská (86), who, according to the writer, was once very close to Charles III.

Middle class Kate

Christina lived most of her life among the British royal family. According to her, she remembers very well, for example, the time when Kate Middleton dated Prince William (40) before they married in 2011. The family found it very funny when the press then titled her as “Kate Middle Class” (Kate from middle class) alluding to her unborn origin. They called her that behind her back, and the family’s snobbery knew no bounds.

Fuck it

Queen Camilla she was then supposed to speak very indiscriminately about Princess Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton. She called them, for example To Jebal (in the original Fockers) in reference to a comedy about a very unconventional family His photo is a rogue! from 2004.

According to Oxenbergová, however, surprisingly, there was no malicious intent behind the idiosyncratic behavior. It was simply the specific humor of the family and the consequence of living in a golden cage, which an ordinary citizen cannot even imagine.

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Prince Andrew he lost his soul mate

Nevertheless, the pricking did its damage. American actress and photographer Kathleen Norris Stark (66), known as Koo Stark, for example, never married Prince Andrew (62) because of the royal family, although they loved each other very much.

Koo dated Andrew for 18 months in the 1980s. Queen Elizabeth (†96) is said to have taken a liking to him at first – for example, the actress bought the prince his first pair of blue jeans. But then the press blurted out that she once starred in soft porn films, and the Queen ended the relationship.

Touching moments of togetherness

“They both really loved each other,” said Oxenberg. “They were kindred spirits. They prevented him from marrying his soul mate. If he had married her, everything would have been different today.” claims the woman, referring to Prince’s sex scandals and ties to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (†66).

Bullying the Czech princess

Princess Marie Kristina of Kent (77) of Czech-German origin is said to have gone through rough times after joining the royal family. When she married Prince Michael of Kent in 1978, she was not warmly received by her new family. And that despite the fact that she had noble ancestors.

“She was treated the same as Meghan – with a lack of respect and constant ridicule,” says Oxenberg. “We always made fun of her,” he remembers. She herself was 16 years old at the time and often copied the behavior of her older relatives without knowing much about it.

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It’s not about race, it’s about nationality

When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in 2018she did not receive better treatment. “They are rough on newcomers. Especially to foreigners. It’s not about the color of her skin, it’s about her being a foreigner,” she explained why Harry’s bride was so in the stomach of the aristocrats.

But according to Oxenberg, Meghan simply has to endure. Despite his indiscriminate behavior, it is said that the family respects Harry’s choice and it is not a manifestation of any deeper hatred. In time, according to the writer, everything will smooth out. And then someone else comes along and becomes the new target of ridicule…

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Writer Christina Oxenberg, who is related to the British royal family

Writer Christina Oxenberg, who is related to the British royal family


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