She spoke about her wedding –

She spoke about her wedding –
She spoke about her wedding –

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Monika Absolonová (45) will host a show about weddings, but she herself is not very lucky with dowries. The popular singer has not yet met her life partner. She broke up with the father of her sons, Tomáš Horna, under rather dramatic circumstances, and before that, she didn’t even have a good time with hockey player Václav Eiselt. She was only with it for three years. And as she herself says in an interview for Prima, she divorced happily.

The likeable singer Monika Absolonová will host a new unique docureality show on Prima Den jako sen, which depicts real weddings. On that occasion, she also briefly recalled her wedding.

“I got married 22 years ago and happily divorced after 3 years of marriage, it’s been so long I don’t know” Absolonová made herself heard in a press release available to At that time, she married hockey player Václav Eiselt, but the marriage did not last long.

“I wanted everyone to have fun and enjoy the wedding. In the end, I enjoyed the kidnapping of the bride the most. Ríša Genzer and Martin Altrichter kidnapped me. You can’t imagine the fun,” the singer revealed further.

Absolonová advises what to watch out for

When asked what she would advise brides to watch out for, she replied as follows: Above all, they should beware of unsolicited advice, and not only regarding the wedding day.”

And although it didn’t work out for Absolon in love, she wishes all future couples only the best. I wish what I wish for everyone. Much health, happiness, so that love, tolerance and the desire to share life together and support each other never leave them.” she finished.

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