Heartbreaking scene from the walk of fame: The sick Christina Applegate was brought by her colleagues from the series


This year, the actress starred in the sleep series Death of Our Connection, but the disease began to progress very quickly. Last month she announced that she could not walk without a cane and had gained about sixteen kilograms.

But she couldn’t pass up such an honor as a star on the famous Hollywood Walk. And it was a very touching moment.

Christina Applegate was symbolically escorted to the city by the couple from the cult sitcom Enat se bunds and they helped her walk. Katey Sagal, who played his mother Peggy Bundová, drank in particular. She looks perfect at the age of eighty.

So the handsome David Faustino arrived, who played brother Bud. And last but not least, Amanda Bearse aka annoying neighbor Marcy Darcyov.

Hvzdna composition of enatho with bundles

When she took the microphone, Christina Applegate did not hold back tears. She thanked her family, friends and colleagues for helping her to cope with the disease and lead a life as fulfilling as possible.

The other last series of the changing series Smrt has a connection to the body with health problems, which were also caused by the body.

This day means more to me than you can imagine. I don’t know, my friend, you are family to me. These people take care of me every day of my life and I don’t know what I would do without them. said the sympathetic blonde.

Christina Applegate, Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate

The most important person in this world is my daughter Sadie. You are much more, you are not a mind at all. You are so beautiful, kind, loving, smart and interesting and I am honored that I wake up every day and take you for a ride. you are my everything she added.

She turned to the audience and asserted: And by the way… I’m sick, you know?

Christina Applegate

Humor with a smile on fate is the best thing Christina can do to me, I’ve definitely had enough of it in the stars after the health page, and that in the fifth sense of the word. In 2008, she suffered from breast cancer and had to have both breasts, ovaries and fallopian tubes removed as a precaution due to the high risk of the disease returning.

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