Richard Sacher with Jaro Smejkal –

Richard Sacher with Jaro Smejkal –
Richard Sacher with Jaro Smejkal –

Source: Courtesy of TV Prima

Thick atmosphere

This week, the popular show VIP Prostřeno awaits viewers with a serious drama. Already in Monday’s episode withwriter Richard Sacher provided a sultry atmosphere. He started not only with Monika Binias Štiková, but also with Jaro Smejkal.

Journalist and writer Richard Sacher (48) started another week of the popular program VIP Prostřeno. This week, Sámer Issa, Monika Binias (Štiková), Jaro Smejkal and Marie Pojkarová will also demonstrate their cooking skills. Winning 60,000 crowns will not be what the viewers will be interested in here. Bizarre and hysteria are the keywords for this week. This was taken care of by journalist and writer Richard Sacher, who has been creating a very sultry atmosphere since Monday. Interestingly, he himself stated for TV Prima that he wants to show himself in a good light. “He hopes that the filming and his performance will be more funny than embarrassing and that he will have the opportunity to draw attention to himself on domestic television years later,” appeared in the description of the contestants Prostrén. But after the first episode, this idea doesn’t really work for him.

Foreign housing, Pojkarová’s breasts

At the beginning, Richard tried to impress the international changer and everything seemed to go smoothly. After a fairly successful appetizer, the contestants began to develop interesting debates. First there was talk of tattoos, which would be perfectly normal, but Marie Pojkarová showed the spider between her breasts. This shot will not be forgotten by many viewers! Before the main course, the host said: “I would like to welcome you to this house that is not mine and never will be. Sámer Issa immediately responded to this by saying: “Why didn’t you do it at your place?” ​Sacher has a big apartment, but he doesn’t invite anyone there. He argued that it would not be possible for technical reasons. “I live half in a warehouse, it wouldn’t be possible there, it’s not dignified.”

Insults not only to Binias, but also to Smejkal

Not only did Sacher criticize Monica Binias, Jaro Smejkal also made scathing remarks, infuriating Sacher with his question. Jaro asked why he only looks into women’s eyes. “I sit on your left and you never once looked me in the eye” Smejkal said. The journalist’s reaction was somewhat inappropriate. “I’m normally afraid of you, you’re like from Prodigy”, he said and started waving inappropriate gestures around him, mocking the singerwho immediately added that this is seriously rude.

Theatrical performance about how Jaro Smejkal is supposedly haunted created an unpleasant atmosphere at the table. The musician added that it is the 21st century and he would seriously avoid this mockery. “In principle, I have nothing against him, but he is not a person with whom I want to spend weekends and evenings,” the journalist said to the camera. With this would-be funny scene, he ensured the atmosphere was thicker than his soup. How will this gang continue? Don’t miss it this week on TV Prima every time from 17:50.

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