The thieves wanted to rip out the ATM. First, they stole a van for it in Prague


/VIDEO/ I am threatening long years in prison for two non-stoppers, who were caught by Central Bohemian policemen as part of the action with the code name MRAK. Among other things, the thieves tried to steal an ATM on Rakovnicka. They also bought a car for this difficult goal: they stole it in Prague.

Police spokeswoman Vlasta Suchánková confirmed that police officers from the general crime department uncovered extensive criminal activity by two men aged 40 and 51 as part of the MRAK event. “They mainly committed property crimes in Central Bohemia,” she said.

One of the plans of the successful duo was to steal an ATM with millions of crowns inside. They looked him up on Rakovnicka. But first they bought a van for that. More precisely: they stole it in Prague 5. They then backed up the stolen car to an ATM that was standing freely outside, wrapped straps around it and tried to pull the machine out. Although they did not succeed, they still caused damage in the amount of 300 thousand crowns.

Source: Youtube

The younger of the men then continued the thefts and burglaries alone. He focused on the safe deposit boxes of transport companies and e-shops. “He broke into a total of nine of these mailboxes in Kladno and Prague-west, from which he stole various ordered goods. By damaging mailboxes, into which he forcibly entered, he caused damage worth 100,000 crowns, another 100,000 crowns was caused by damage to stolen shipments,” stated the spokeswoman. However, she added that the police found some of the stolen items.

It was one of the mailboxes in Kladensko that proved fatal to the perpetrators. The Central Bohemia police intervention unit detained him directly at one of them. She went to his house for the other man.

Police officers found drugs and a weapon in the car during a roadside check

Criminal investigators have already opened criminal proceedings against both men. He accuses them of the crime of theft and damage to another’s property. “The younger man is being prosecuted in custody, the older man was released from detention after completing the necessary procedural steps. Both of them confessed to the police that they had committed a crime. If the court confirms their guilt, they face up to eight years in prison,” added Vlasta Suchánková.


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