The 17-year-old “borrowed” a car at home and went for a drive

The 17-year-old “borrowed” a car at home and went for a drive
The 17-year-old “borrowed” a car at home and went for a drive

The boy is now facing criminal charges of Unauthorized use of another’s property

Yesterday afternoon around four o’clock, a seventeen-year-old young man at home in Touškov “borrowed” the keys to an Audi A6 without permission and went for a drive. But the boy was unlucky. When he sped through Spožovja Street at a very high speed in a place where there is a residential area, he was noticed by a police officer from the Pilsen City Police, who was passing by on his day off.

Moments later, the same policeman saw the same Audi in School Square and it was quite evident that the young man’s driving skills behind the wheel were not very good, as he was unable to start without the car bouncing. Of course, the policeman took a closer look at the driver and suspected that he was probably not yet an adult.

The policeman subsequently prevented the young man from driving any further, urged him and the woman, who had also arrived at the vehicle in the meantime, to stay put, called colleagues from the local district police department of the Czech Republic and handed the young non-driver over to them.
The police spokeswoman confirmed to us that the Touskov policemen are dealing with the case and that the young man is now most likely to be charged with the crime of Unauthorized use of someone else’s property, where if convicted he faces a sentence of up to two years in prison.

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