We will fail twice in two years. It will not be healthy, Hladk promised

We will fail twice in two years. It will not be healthy, Hladk promised
We will fail twice in two years. It will not be healthy, Hladk promised

The second deadline is the middle of 2025. We have already published the parameters, we want to have an amendment to the law written by the end of the year, then we want to discuss it in the parliament, and then we need about a year for the whole system and traders to prepare for the change, Hladk said about the prepared functional to the composite system of PET bottles and cans.

This is currently available in several European countries, including Slovakia. In the Czech Republic, he has been preparing a draft law on the composition of the MP since the beginning of this year. The aim of the resort is to use this waste as a valuable resource.

In this sense, according to Hladek, all plastics and all cans from one deciliter to three liters should be composted, in such a way that the drink itself is not healthy. The principle will be similar to that of folded beer bottles. I’ll buy a miner for twenty crowns, and along with that I’ll pay a deposit of thirty-five crowns. And just like with a beer bottle, I will get a refund when I return it, explained the Minister of the Environment.

According to him, the resort is discussing the situation. We want to cast glass that is the most environmentally friendly, because we will replace it and use it repeatedly. It is different with plastic and PET bottles. We will make a new pet or can there, added Hladk.

For now, recycling of PET bottles works on par with selected stores such as Kaufland and Lidl. The pilot project is based on the international REset Plastic strategy of the Schwarz business group, which includes Kaufland and Lidl. Both have long-term efforts to reduce the amount of plastic in all their divisions and the reusability of packaging materials.

From the analysis, which was prepared by the Association of Trade and Tourism R (SOCR R), however, it emerged that the introduction of the registration system will cost almost 5.2 billion crowns. An additional 1.3 billion crowns will be required for emergency operation.

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