Hundreds of cattle died of starvation on the organic farm. I don’t understand breeding, the owner defended himself in court


State representative Tomáš Skála described in the indictment the condition of the animals that were autopsied. Dead bulls, cows, calves and heifers were malnourished, some animals were sick, which led to exhaustion and death. According to the plaintiff, the animals suffered, moreover, they were not provided with veterinary and postpartum care. Several cows died in advanced stages of pregnancy.

Horn, who is the sole shareholder of the eco-farm based in Měděnec in the Ore Mountains, stated during his prepared speech before the court that he did not understand cattle breeding. According to him, the employees should provide the cattle with the appropriate conditions. On several occasions, he strongly denied that he had intentionally committed animal cruelty.

According to him, the cattle always had enough water and feed. According to him, he did not notice the deficiencies and none of the employees warned him that the cows were lacking food. “If I had known what was going on at the farm, I would never have done it. I didn’t know about anything, I’m sorry,” the defendant said in court. He refused to answer the judge’s questions.

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Horn entrusted the herd to Hajzler after the dismissal of the former zoo technician. “That was probably my biggest mistake,” admitted the defendant, adding that Hajzler’s job was to take care of the cattle. He is said to have learned about the problems in autumn 2021 from one of the workers. He fired Hajzler and hired a new zootechnician. According to him, the situation had some inertia, in May 2022 it was already stabilized.

The case relates to 2021 and partially 2022. The criminal complaint was filed by the Regional Veterinary Administration for the Ústí Region due to breeding in unsuitable conditions, neglect of veterinary care, restriction of nutrition and watering. She performed 190 autopsies on dead cattle, which ended up in the rendering plant in Podbořany in Lounsk.

The regional veterinary administration fined the breeder a total of 575,000 crowns. Among other things, the company lost its eco-farm status and state subsidies. The director of the administration, Daniel Macháček, said in March that the situation in the breeding has changed radically, from the point of view of veterinary supervision, everything is now in order.

Judge Ondřej Peřich adjourned the hearing to September 18 and 19, when he will summon Hajzler. He also intends to interview employees and experts and wants to read documentary evidence.

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