The number of controls will increase at the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. Berlin fights against illegal migration


Due to illegal migration, Germany is strengthening police patrols at the borders with the Czech Republic and Poland, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser announced on Thursday, according to the DPA agency. Local police officers will supplement mobile units, the police will more intensively carry out so-called hidden random checks.

Faeserová rejected the demands of the representatives of Saxony and Brandenburg to introduce permanent checks on the borders with the Czech Republic and Poland. He insists that the prerequisite for such a step would be a serious threat to public order and internal security and considers it a “measure of last resort”.

The DPA writes that even the police unions (GdP) are skeptical about the restoration of permanent controls at the borders with Poland and the Czech Republic. Their chief, Andreas Rosskopf, said that “flexible controls” are necessary, and the police succeed in detecting professional people smugglers. Rosskopf explained that smugglers quickly learn to circumvent the constant checks at border crossings.

In April, according to data from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the German police recorded the most cases of illegal border crossing from Poland. It was 2427 cases. She registered nearly 1,300 of them on the border with Austria and about nine hundred on the border with the Czech Republic.

Minister Faeserová is coming to the Czech Republic on Friday. He will discuss the current situation with his Czech colleague Vít Rakušan at the joint center of Czech-German police and customs cooperation in Petrovice-Schwandorf.

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